Sadhguru, More Than a Life

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Penguin Books India, 2010 - Religious leaders - 242 pages
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‘The thirst to be boundless is not created by you; it is just life longing for itself.’ —Sadhguru

This is the extraordinary story of Sadhguru—a young agnostic who turned yogi, a wild motorcyclist who turned mystic, a sceptic who turned spiritual guide. Pulsating with his razor-sharp intelligence, bracing wit and modern-day vocabulary, the book empowers you to explore your spiritual self and could well change your life.

It seeks to re-create the life journey of a man who combines rationality with mysticism, irreverence with compassion, ancient wisdom with a provocatively contemporary outlook and a deep knowledge of the self with a contagious love of life. Described as ‘a profound mystic, visionary humanitarian and prominent spiritual leader of our times', he is equally at home in a satsangh in rural Tamil Nadu as at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In his early years, Jaggi Vasudev (or Sadhguru as he is now known) was a chronic truant, a boisterous prankster, and later a lover of motorbikes and fast cars. It is evident that the same urgency, passion and vitality echo in his spiritual pursuits to this day, from his creation of the historic Dhyanalinga—the mission of three lifetimes—to his approach as a guru.

In Sadhguru's view, faith and reason, spirituality and science, the sacred and the material, cannot be divided into easy binaries. He sees people as ‘spiritual beings dabbling with the material rather than the reverse’, and liberation as the fundamental longing in every form of life. Truth for him is a living experience instead of a destination, a conclusion, or a matter of metaphysical speculation. The possibility of self-realization, he strongly believes, is available to all.

Drawing upon extended conversations with Sadhguru, interviews with Isha colleagues and fellow meditators, poet Arundhathi Subramaniam presents an evocative portrait of a contemporary mystic and guru—a man who seems to pack the intensity and adventure of several lifetimes into a single one.


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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, my spiritual Guru, is a contemporary Yogi, Mystic and Enlightened Master, who created Isha Foundation and works tirelessly to revive our once great culture and long forgotten spiritual science through Isha Yoga (Yoga of the Divine) programs, creation of Consecrated spaces and multiple initiatives for rural poor and environment to uplift Human beings and their way of Life. The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple created and consecrated by Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center in the Velliangiri foothills near Coimbatore is well known worldwide.
Sadhguru More Than A Life is an enchanting book by a Trapezium about an Ellipsoid and its Creator! Written by Arundhathi Subramaniam – an Isha meditator and writer (she might get offended if I don’t mention Poet) – tells the fascinating fairy tale like story of how the Dhyanalinga came into being and the being that took more than one birth to create it, finally in this lifetime – our lifetime! This book offers a near biographical account of Sadhguru’s lives (yes, you read that right, Lives, not Life) along with a few core members of the Isha Yoga phenomenon that led to the creation and consecration of the only-one-of-the-kind-in-this-planet Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple, offering the possibility of self-realization to millions worldwide, including this self (my journey started in 2009 and it is fair to say I’m still at the starting point).
Naturally, like any book by or about my Master, this book too isn't for the faint-hearted. Nor is it for the pious ones who're tied up in their religious beliefs (which they automatically assume are unquestionable as they've been told to abide by them by their revered mutt head, grandmother, family priest or astrologer). If you're one of those occasional nut cases (the author certainly seems to be one and self belongs to that category as well) who dares to question long held beliefs, let go of the old ways and willing to tread a new path, this book is right up your alley. But beware; it won't be an easy journey, for my Master is like no other. He isn’t into Scriptures, doesn’t expound on Vedanta or quote from Gita. He basically doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything – revered or not, unless he has experienced and understood that by himself. And when he speaks incisively and decisively about those first hand experiences, you'll either faint and fall over or will end up picking your jaw that has just dropped, for the nth time.
Mostly a faithful retelling of the various beings’ factual account (which unwittingly reads like fiction) – include the Master himself – of who, what and how, this fast paced book starts from Sadhguru’s exceptionally curious childhood, moves on to his extremely vibrant youth and then to his extraordinary transformation to Yogi and Mystic with a singular focus to accomplish his mission over three lifetimes and culminates with his present form and future possibilities.
The 250 pages long book is divided into 9 chapters, apart from an Introduction and Postscript by the author (we’ll come to that later). Sadhguru’s extraordinary lives (and of those whose lives intertwined with his, many times over) can make you either drink the events that occur in one go and get intoxicated with his grace or go breathless every now and then and take a deep breath at the end of each chapter to contemplate on what hit you or how silly your long held beliefs appear all of a sudden. Sadhguru's unique views and scientific explanations help in lifting the veil of our ignorance about things that we think we knew. A word of caution for Isha meditators and beings that walk the spiritual path – keep a handkerchief at hand and the book slightly away from your face as it’s quite possible that tears (Swamy calls them Joy Drops) will flow on to the book time and again. I lost count of how many times!
‘Pure Awareness and Madness’ The Beginning of the Journey
The endless beginning of the story introduces the reader to Sadhguru’s creation (that incidentally makes


Pure awareness and madness
this One Will graze human beings
the man Who Went up and never Came down
Compassion as Conspiracy
When the divine descends You Just accommodate
if You drop Your Fruit Willingly
time to graze the Valleys of Life
the ball game and beyond

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