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I have Only Just Skimmed the the Surface of Plato's Works but in what I have seen and heard, he was a man searching for God but he didn't know where to look, I have found God or should I say He found me, in the face of Jesus Christ.
Plato was. looking for Virtue; Justice; and Goodness; but not finding any teachers, he was not looking in the Right Place, the Word of God is the Only Place to Find Wisdom and Teaching that will Give Light to Our Dark Path, Without this Help from God we are Doomed to Walk in the the Light of Our Own Foolishness; the Blind Leading the Blind into a Ditch!,
For When We Deny God We Deny the Truth, for Jesus Said I am the Way. the Truth and the Life, No man Comes to the Father but by Me. John 14:6 From Personal Experience I've found this to be the Truth. Jesus said Marvel not that I say unto thee,Ye must be born again .John 3:7 Thank You for Reading my Review ,I Pray God Bless You! Kind Regards SherriL L.Carss

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Excellent sourcebook of Plato's writings. Includes a useful index and reliable translations. Excellent introductory comments also. This is a valuable part of my home library.

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This is a waste of your money! Unless you like to read someones diary, Don't buy this book!

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