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Page 131 - The cannons roar from shore to shore, The small arms loud did rattle. Since wars began, I'm sure no man E'er saw so strange a battle. The fish below swam to and fro, Attacked from every quarter. ‘Why sure' (thought they), ‘the devil's to pay,
Page 110 - that his advantage lay in long-distance fighting, strove to break away. Jones bent all his energies to the task of keeping the ships together. Meantime the battle raged fiercely. Jones himself, in his official report of the battle, thus describes the course of the fight : — “I directed the fire of one of the three cannon against the main-mast with
Page 130 - As in amaze he stood to gaze (The truth can't be denied, sir), He spied a score of kegs, or more, Come floating down the tide, sir. A sailor, too, in jerkin blue, The strange appearance viewing, First d—d his eyes in great surprise, Then said, ‘Some mischief's brewing.' These kegs, I'm told, the rebels hold, Packed up like pickled herring; And they've come down
Page 73 - Jones, though not a rich man, bought it, and returned it to the countess. Lord Selkirk, in acknowledging its receipt, wrote, — “And on all occasions, both now and formerly, I have done you the justice to tell that you made an offer of returning the plate very soon
Page 91 - de Chamillard to agree with you on the terms of ransom, allowing you exactly half an hour's reflection before you finally accept or reject the terms which he shall propose.” The landing parties having been chosen, the order of attack mapped out, and part to be taken by each
Page 69 - was done is sufficient to show that not all the boasted British navy is sufficient to protect their own coasts, and that the scenes of - distress which they have occasioned in America may soon be brought home to their own doors.
Page 100 - Richard' received several shots under the water from the ‘Alliance.' The leak gained on the pumps, and the fire increased much on board both ships. Some officers entreated me to strike, of whose courage and sense
Page 288 - Orne, as I suppose you do not wish to fight against your own countrymen, you are at liberty to retire below the water-line.' It was not long after this, before I retired from the quarter-deck to the cock-pit.” It may be well here to supplement
Page 134 - All means were resorted to which ingenuity could devise to induce men to enlist. A recruiting officer, bearing a flag, and attended by a band of martial music, paraded the streets, to excite a thirst for glory and a spirit of military ambition. The recruiting officer possessed the qualifications
Page 137 - hundred and thirty men were carried, dragged, and driven on board, of all kinds, ages, and descriptions, in all the various stages of intoxication, from that of sober tipsiness to beastly drunkenness, with an uproar and clamor that may be more easily imagined than described.

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