The Back Yard Farmer

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Forbes, 1914 - Gardening - 238 pages

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Page 71 - ... and a half feet wide and ten inches deep, the soil which is taken out being laid up in a slope round the outside of the bed, and the bank thus formed may be planted with any quick crop, such as Kidney Beans. The excavation must be liberally manured, and then the plants are put in across the bed in rows a foot apart, and the plants six inches apart in the rows. Water must be given to each row as planted, and the surface must be several times chopped over with the hoe or a small fork, and watering...
Page 240 - Attractively Bound in Cloth 12 Mo. $1.00 Net; by Mail, $1.13 For sale by all booksellers or supplied by the publishers Forbes & Co., 443 S. Dearborn St., Chicago...
Page 239 - MAKING THE FARM PAY By CC BOWSFIELD This very important book tells how to get the biggest returns from the soil and make farm life more attractive and successful. Farming opportunities, the marketing of produce, the raising of vegetables, fruit and poultry, dairy products, and all phases of agriculture are discussed by an expert. A book that every city man ought to read and by which every country man would profit.
Page 239 - Of immense value to a farmer in any part of America. —Portland (Ore.) Journal. Important and helpful to city man and farmer alike. A splendid guide for any adventure in farming enterprise. — Philadelphia North American. Full of sensible advice. The author avoids exaggeration and shows he has given the subject his best thought. The book is cheap only in price— in that it certainly is cheap.
Page 93 - ... turn water from the stem. After all the trees have been thus planted, each one should be properly pruned, the young wood being cut back one-third and the head properly shaped. Fall planting, which is generally preferable, should be done from the...
Page 239 - American Cultivator, Boston. 300 Pages. Cloth. 12 Mo. $1.00 Net; by Mail, $1.13 For sale by all booksellers or supplied by the publishers Forbes & Co., 443 S. Dearborn St., Chicago...
Page 15 - What an excellent thing it would be for the community if all the land which now lies idle were to be planted to useful and beautiful things!
Page 13 - ... surroundings, and a little garden spot in the back yard is one of the best places in the world for the tired city dweller.
Page 31 - Cut off their heads, cut off their feet, burn their middles, and do it before they have any offspring. Then start in and do it all over again, because they resurrect mighty fast if given the slightest opportunity.
Page 31 - Nature is at her loveliest while the dew is on and half of the fun of gardening is getting close to nature.

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