Review of Reviews and World's Work: An International Magazine, Volume 38

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Review of Reviews Corporation, 1908
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Page 733 - Distant and soft on her ear fell the chimes from the belfry of Christ Church, While, intermingled with these, across the meadows were wafted Sounds of psalms, that were sung by the Swedes in their church at Wicaco. THE
Page 10 - from delay, in which case a speedy hearing thereafter should be granted. As originally brought before the Committee on Resolutions the plank was as follows: We declare for such amendments of the statutes of procedure in the federal courts with respect to the use of the writ of injunction as will on the one
Page 294 - employed on such works shall be employed directly by the Government under an eight-hour workday and at the prevailing union wages. The Government shall also loan money to States and municipalities without interest for the purpose of carrying on public works. It shall contribute to the
Page 300 - 3. The election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people. 4. Equitable graduated Income and Inheritance taxes. 5. The establishment of postal
Page 136 - grip of those who have made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations." The next section denounces the increase in the number of office-holders under the Roosevelt Administration. It says that this clearly indicates " a deliberate purpose on the part of the Administration to keep the Republican party in
Page 341 - where Lincoln delivered his immortal speech, at the " final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that the nation might live," and the day closed by the return trip to Washington in the evening. What a never-to-be-forgotten day that would
Page 733 - There is something patriarchal still lingering about rural life in Sweden, which renders it a fit theme for song. Almost primeval simplicity reigns over that Northern land, almost primeval solitude and stillness." " Perhaps,
Page 300 - Department decisions. 12. The prohibition of child labor In mines, workshops, and factories. 13. Legislation basing suffrage only upon Intelligence and ability to read and write the English language. 14. The preservation of the mineral and forest resources of the country, and the Improvement of the highways and waterways.
Page 294 - old age, and death. POLITICAL DEMANDS. 8. The extension of inheritance taxes, graduated in proportion to the amount of the bequests and to the nearness of kin. 9. A graduated income tax. 11. The initiative and referendum, proportional representation, and the right of recall.
Page 300 - The Immediate prohibition of the liquor traffic for beverage purposes In the District of Columbia, In the Territories, and all places over Which the national Government has Jurisdiction: the repeal of the internal revenue tax on alcoholic liquors, and the prohibition of Interstate

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