Apparitions and Thought-transference: An Examination of the Evidence of Telepathy

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W. Scott, Limited, 1895 - Apparitions - 401 pages
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Page 348 - As to the larger section of the public, to whom the series of Great Writers is addressed, no record of Emerson's life and work could be more desirable, both in breadth of treatment and lucidity of style, than Dr. Garnett's.
Page 356 - XVIII. PROPERTY : ITS ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT. By CH. LETOURNEAU, General Secretary to the Anthropological Society, Paris, and Professor in the School of Anthropology, Paris. " M. Letourneau has read a great deal, and he seems to us to have selected and interpreted his facts with considerable judgment and learning.
Page 215 - Have you ever, when completely awake, had a vivid impression of seeing or being touched by a living being or inanimate object, or of hearing a voice; which impression, so far as you could discover, was not due to any external physical cause?
Page 356 - Nature. XX. PUBLIC HEALTH. By Dr. JFJ SYKES. With numerous Illustrations. " Not by any means a mere compilation or a dry record of details and statistics, but it takes up essential points in evolution, environment, prophylaxis, and sanitation bearing upon the preservation of public health." — Lancet. XXI. MODERN METEOROLOGY. AN ACCOUNT OF THE GROWTH AND PRESENT CONDITION OF SOME BRANCHES OF METEOROLOGICAL SCIENCE. By FRANK WALDO, Ph.D., Member of the German and Austrian Meteorological Societies,...
Page 348 - Mr. Gosse has written an admirable and most interesting biography of a man of letters who is of particular interest to other men of letters." — The Academy. Lif- of Crabbe. By TE KebbeL " No English poet since Shakespeare has observed certain aspects of nature and of human life more closely; and in the qualities of manliness and of sincerity he is surpassed by none. . . . Mr. Kebbel's monograph is worthy of the subject.
Page 348 - Saturday Review. Life of Goethe. By James Sime. " Mr. James Sime's competence as a biographer of Goethe, both in respect of knowledge of his special subject, and of German literature generally, is beyond question." — Manchester Guardian. Life of Goldsmith. By Austin Dobson. " The story of his literary and social life in London, with all its humorous and pathetic vicissitudes, is here retold, as none could tell it better.
Page 349 - The series of ' Great Writers' has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written for it on the attractive and still (in England) little known subject of Schopenhauer." — Manchester Guardian. Life of Shelley. By William Sharp. " The criticisms . . . entitle this capital monograph to be ranked with the best biographies of Shelley.
Page 353 - Whether it is Saxon kinship or the fine qualities of the collection, we have found this volume the most entertaining of the three. Its riotous absurdities well overbalance its examples of the oppressively heavy. . . . The national impulse to make fun of the war correspondent has a capital example in the skit from Julius Stettenheim.
Page 349 - Aberdeen Free Press. Life of Arthur Schopenhauer. By William Wallace. " The series of ' Great Writers ' has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written...

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