Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

After the end of the world, people haven't really changed—things still go wrong.In his debut (Idlewild, 2003), screenwriter and famous son Sagan created a wonderful post-apocalypse scenario, with the final shreds of humanity barely hanging on in a world devastated by a nightmarish plague, Black Ep. Here, he returns to the same world several years later, with the children of the earlier survivors ... Read full review

Review: Edenborn

Editorial Review - - Pauline Finch

There's a fascinating sadness about Nick Sagan's EDENBORN. It builds, pagebypage, into a gut level conviction that all the hope and potential combined in his futuristic characters will not be enough to overcome the relentless extinction of humanity. In fact, we readers may well be traveling the last journey with our notsodistant descendants. Sagan builds on some speculative premises already ... Read full review

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Review: Edenborn (Idlewild #2)

User Review  - Alex Rogers - Goodreads

A surprisingly good read - wasn't expecting too much from a son of famous people, but he is a good writer in his own... rite, I guess. I hadn't read Idlewild, but the book is a decent stand-alone read, and I'll go back and add the first book to my To Read list. Read full review

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