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Page 642 - If any bill shall not be returned by the Governor within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law...
Page 90 - all persons born in the United States are citizens of the United States...
Page 409 - An Act to provide a civil government for Porto Rico, and for other purposes," approved March 2, 1917, as amended, shall be known and designated as
Page 63 - An Act providing for the issue of bonds of the Government of the Philippine Islands to the amount of seven million two hundred and thirty-seven thousand dollars, gold coin of the United States of the present standard value, for the purpose of acquiring funds for the payment of the purchase price of certain large tracts of...
Page 496 - An act to provide for the survey and sale at public auction of certain lands belonging to The People of Porto Rico, to construct the capitol and for other purposes," approved April 13, 1916, included the aforesaid lands among those to be sold.
Page 567 - Arts, and since 1911-12 this institution has enjoyed the benefits of the sum of $50,000 annually from this fund. Fifty per cent of all fines imposed by the courts of Porto Rico and which are paid into the insular treasury are allotted to the support of the university, and royalties from franchises or public rights are also specified in the university act, but the income from these two sources, as well as the 25 per cent of the proceeds from the sales of all public lands, has been relatively small.
Page 648 - Rico shall be interested or a party, and he may, if directed by the governor, or, if in his judgment, the public interest requires it, represent The People of Porto Rico or its duly constituted officers in any other court or before any other officer or board in any action or proceeding, civil or criminal, in which The People of Porto Rico may be a partv or be interested. He shall also perform such other duties not inconsistent herewith as may be prescribed by law.
Page 649 - I shall be pleased to have your views and suggestions as to the prosecution of further work along these lines. Whatever is to be done must be initialed promptly if we are to prevent the next increment of the draft from having the high venereal rate of the last. "Respectfully, "RUPERT BLUE.
Page 543 - The total enrollment was 36.4 per cent of the total population of school age and 72.1 per cent of the population of compulsory school age; but of the population of compulsory school age only 63.3 per cent were enrolled.
Page 90 - Rico of an alien parent and is permanently residing in that island may, if of full age, within six months of the taking effect of this Act, or if a minor, upon reaching his majority or within one year thereafter, make a sworn declaration of allegiance to the United States before the United States District Court for...

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