Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan: Including a Summer in the Upper Karun Region and a Visit to the Nestorian Rayahs, Volume 1

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J. Murray, 1891 - Iran - 381 pages
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Page 40 - no one follows in the Master's footsteps so closely as the medical missionary. The medical mission is the outcome of the living teachings of our faith. In healing, helping, blessing; softening prejudice, diminishing suffering, making an end of many of the cruelties which proceed from ignorance; restoring sight to the blind, limbs to the crippled, health to the sick, telling in every word of love and of consecrated skill, of the infinite compassion of Him who came 'not to destroy men's lives, but...
Page vi - UNBEATEN TRACKS IN JAPAN; including Visits to the Aborigines of Yezo and the Shrines of Nikko and Ise.
Page 11 - ... live, without having to borrow at robbery rates on the coming crop. The Sheikhs, who before had a full command of labour in return for little more than the simplest food, now find this condition of things rapidly changing, so many of the very poor who depended on them having started as small farmers. It was a sight to see the whole Arab population on the river banks hard at work taking advantage of the copious rain which had just fallen; every available animal fit for draught was yoked to the...
Page 139 - Such various and potent motives diffused among the Turks a general ardor, regardless of life, and impatient for action. The camp reechoed with the Moslem shouts of, " God is God, there is but one God, and Mohammed is the apostle of God ;" and the sea and land, from Galata to the Seven Towers, were illuminated by the blaze of their nocturnal fires. Far different was the state of the Christians ; who, with loud and impotent complaints, deplored the guilt, or the punishment, of their sins.
Page 230 - In making silk rugs the greatest est care is necessary in the shading, often the shading of woolen rugs is made more effective by the addition of silk. Mrs. Bishop tells us "that silk produced at Resht is brought to Kashan to be spun and dyed, then it is sent to Sultanabad to be woven into rugs. It is next returned to Resht to have the pile cut by the sharp instruments used for cutting the velvet pile. After the rugs are finished, they are sent to Teheran to be sold.
Page vi - Miss Bird is one of the most remarkable travellers of our day. Penetrating into regions wholly unknown by the outside world, she has accomplished, by the force of an indomitable will, aided by great tact and shrewdness, a task to which few men would have...
Page vii - I hope that my book may he accepted as an honest attempt to make a popular contribution to the sum of knowledge of a country and people with which we are likely to be brought into close relations.
Page 297 - I believe them to be individually brave, but of a cruel and savage character ; they pursue their blood feuds with the most inveterate and exterminating spirit ... It is proverbial in Persia that the Bakhtiyaris have been compelled to forego altogether the reading of the Fatihah or prayer for the dead, for otherwise they would have no other occupation. They are also most dextrous and notorious thieves.
Page 131 - Just as he had attained his twentieth year, his father died, leaving him (an only child) the inheritor of all his little property, and at liberty to follow the bent of his own inclination.
Page vi - A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains' as a traveller of the first order, and a graphic and picturesque writer. The title she has chosen for her new book is no misnomer. Few foreigners, even of the stronger sex, would have had the courage and perseverance...

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