Color Atlas of Physiology, Part 471

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This 5th edition has been thoroughly revised in terms of content and organization of the didactic material; almost all of the colour illustrations have been drawn anew for improved clarity. The extensive introductory chapter focuses on aspects of cytophysiology.

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Table of Contents
At a Glance
Organization of the Autonomic Nervous System 78
Catecholamine Adrenergic Transmission and Adrenoceptors 84
Respiration º
Lung Volumes and their Measurement 112
Dead Space Residual Volume and Airway Resistance 114
Adrenal Medulla 86
Circulatory Shock 218
Thermal Balance and Thermoregulation 222
Nutrition and Digestion
Energy Homeostasis and Body Weight 230
Hormones and Reproduction
Control and Effects 272
HypothalamicPituitary System 280

CO2 Transport in Blood 124
Binding and Transport of O2 in Blood 128
Effects of High Altitude on Respiration 136
Acidosis and Alkalosis 142
Kidney Structure and Function 148
Transport Processes at the Nephron 154
Overview 186
Cardiac Impulse Generation and Conduction 192
Excitation in Electrolyte Disturbances 198
Regulation of Stroke Volume 204
Myocardial Oxygen Supply 210
Thyroid Hormones 286
Biosynthesis of Steroid Hormones 294
Prolactin and Oxytocin 303
Central Nervous system and senses
Saliva 236
Dimensions and Units 372
Important Equations in Physiology 388
Deglutition 238
Stomach Structure and Motility 240

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