Christian Socialism in England

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S. Sonnenschein, 1903 - Christian socialism - 208 pages

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Page 140 - Law the ultimate authority to rule social practice. 2. To study in common how to apply the moral truths and principles of Christianity to the social and economic difficulties of the present time. 3. To present Christ in practical life as the living Master and King, the Enemy of wrong and selfishness, the Power of righteousness and love.
Page 9 - You think the Charter would make you free — would to God it would ! The Charter is not bad; if the men who use it are not bad! But will the Charter make you free? Will it free you from slavery to ten-pound bribes ? Slavery to beer and gin? Slavery to every spouter who flatters your self-conceit, and stirs up bitterness and headlong rage in you? That, I guess, is real slavery; to be a slave to one's own stomach, one's own pocket, one's own temper. Will the Charter cure that?
Page 169 - Indirect, by concealing from the purchaser any fact known to the vendor material to be known by the purchaser, to enable him to judge of the value of the article purchased.
Page 12 - I think you have fallen into just the same mistake as the rich of whom you complain — the very mistake which has been our curse and our nightmare.
Page 136 - Individualism and Socialism correspond with opposite views of humanity. Individualism regards humanity as made up of disconnected or warring atoms ; Socialism regards it as an organic whole, a vital unity formed by the combination of contributory members mutually interdependent.
Page 23 - Gahriel and Raphael have won their rank by doing the maximum of worship on the minimum of grace! We shall know some day. In the meanwhile ' these are thy works, thou parent of all good ! ' Man eating man, eaten by man, in every variety of degree and method!
Page 10 - But there will be no true freedom without virtue, no true science without religion, no true industry without the fear of God, and love to your fellow citizens. "Workers of England, be wise, and then you must be free, for you will be fit to be free.
Page 104 - To promote frequent and reverent worship in the Holy Communion, and a better observance of the teaching of the Church of England as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer. 3. To promote the study of Social and Political Questions in the light of the Incarnation.
Page 30 - Board, they were then amalgamated, and some of the worst members turned out ; but still matters went wrong, until, in May last, we were obliged by another great outbreak and threatening insolvency to take away all self-government from the associates, leaving them only in cases of tyranny an appeal to the society against their manager. . . . Where the associations are successful, the great danger which they and all who are interested in them have to guard against is exclusiveness. The associates find...
Page 38 - Organisation of Labour, Central Board, or what you like, I must protest against as hindering the gradual development of what I regard as a divine purpose, as an attempt to create a new constitution of society, when what we want is that the old constitution should exhibit its true functions and energies.

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