The works of Peter Pindar, Volume 1

Front Cover
Pr.for J. Walker, 1812

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Page 221 - midst his native North ; To frighten grave professors with his roar, And shake the Hebrides from shore to shore...
Page 74 - I'm not a knave: As for the razors you have bought, Upon my soul I never thought That they would shave.
Page 73 - His muzzle, formed of opposition stuff, Firm as a Foxite, would not lose its ruff; So kept it, laughing at the steel and suds. Hodge, in a passion, stretched his angry jaws, Vowing the direst vengeance, with clenched claws, On the vile cheat that sold the goods. " Razors ! A mean, confounded dog ! Not fit to scrape a hog...
Page 73 - Being well lathered from a dish or tub, Hodge now began with grinning pain to grub Just like a hedger cutting furze ; 'Twas a vile razor ! Then the rest he tried : All were impostors. "Ah !" Hodge sighed; "I wish my eighteen pence within my purse.
Page 250 - Why, dearest Lady, there is nought to tell : I ponder'd on the properest mode to treat him ; The dog was impudent, and so I beat him. Tom, like a fool, proclaim1 d his fancied wrongs ; Others that I belaboured, held their tongues.
Page 230 - Donald threat thy breech to kick, And o'er thy shrinking shoulders shake his stick; Treat with contempt the menace of this lord, 'Tis History's province, Bozzy, to record.
Page 81 - Why," cried the other, grinning, " you must know That just before I ventured on my journey, To walk a little more at ease, I took the liberty to boil my peas.
Page 279 - To justify your passion for the Youth, With all the charms of eloquence and truth. Madame Piozzi What was my marriage, Sir, to you or him? He tell me what to do ! — a pretty whim. He, to propriety (the beast) resort!
Page 73 - No matter if the fellow be a knave, Provided that the razors shave; It certainly will be a monstrous prize.
Page 358 - Then taking up a dumpling in his hand, His eyes with admiration did expand ; And oft did majesty the dumpling grapple : he cried : ' 'Tis monstrous, monstrous hard, indeed ! What makes it, pray, so hard ? ' The dame replied, Low curtsying : ' Please your majesty, the apple.

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