Making Economic Sense

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Ludwig von Mises Institute, 1995 - Economics - 439 pages

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don't know the rest, but the point about insider trading is pointless, pure nonsense...the guys have the knowledge, why shouldn't they make money of it!?
never heard something similar, a shame that is printed in a book.

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Page 417 - Arise, ye prisoners of starvation! Arise, ye wretched of the earth! For justice thunders condemnation. A better world's in birth. No more tradition's chains shall bind us; Arise, ye slaves! No more in thrall! The earth shall stand on new foundations; We have been naught — We shall be All!
Page 82 - Administrator" means: As to programs relating to fruits, vegetables and tree nuts, the Director of the Fruit and Vegetable Division of the Agricultural Marketing Service and as to programs relating to all other commodities and their products, except functions with respect to a program which may be reassigned by the Assistant Secretary, Agricultural Stabilization, the Administrator of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation...
Page 429 - Gulf will shape not only the new world order we seek but our mission here at home. In the war just ended, there were clear-cut objectives, timetables and, above all, an overriding imperative to achieve results. We must bring that same sense of self-discipline, that same sense of urgency, to the way we meet challenges here at home.
Page 429 - We are resolute and resourceful. If we can selflessly confront evil for the sake of good in a land so far away, then surely we can make this land all that it should be.
Page 429 - If our forces could win the ground war in 100 hours, then surely the Congress can pass this legislation in 100 days.
Page 41 - Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
Page 183 - such an extraordinary income inevitably raises questions as to whether there isn't something unbalanced in the way our financial system is working.
Page 163 - it will convulse the Government; it will let loose a swarm of harpies, who, under the domination of revenue officers, will range through the country, prying into every man's house and affairs, and like a Macedonian phalanx bear down all before them.
Page 296 - the greatest monetary agreement in the history of the world," but it was clear that no system would break down faster than a system of fixed rates fixed to nothing, neither to gold nor to anything else. Nixon's "greatest monetary agreement" was smashed on the shoals of economic reality barely 14 months later, because the dollar and pound sterling continued to be...
Page 430 - ... around the world to do what is moral and just and right. We fought hard, and - with others - we won the war. We lifted the yoke of aggression and tyranny from a small country that many Americans had never even heard of, and we ask nothing in return. We're coming home now - proud. Confident - heads high. There is much that we must do at home and abroad.

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