Historical Sketches of Statesmen who Flourished in the Time of George III.: Second Series, Volume 2

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Lea and Blanchard, 1840 - Europe
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Page 172 - rule whatever: he spoke from impulse, and he had the art so to draw you into a participation, that, though you felt an inferiority, it was quite a contented one. Indeed nothing could exceed the urbanity of his demeanor. At the time
Page 255 - of Delphine, she was supposed to have painted herself in the person of the heroine, and M. Talleyrand in that of an elderly lady, who is one of the principal characters. " On me dit (said he, the first time he met her) que nous sommes tous les deux dans votre roman, deguises en
Page 17 - was induced to consent to a clandestine marriage, which is supposed to have been solemnized between her and the Prince beyond the limits of the English dominions, in the silly belief, perhaps, entertained by him, that he escaped the penalty to which his reckless conduct exposed him, and that the forfeiture of his succession to
Page 73 - it, without for an instant fatiguing his audience, would be far less easy:—because it is of the nature of the refined essence in which the spirit of the best society consists, not to keep. When some sudden and somewhat violent changes of opinion were imputed to a learned judge, who was always jocosely termed Mrs.
Page 255 - Geneve est ennuyeuse, n'est-ce pas ?" asked a friend; " Surtout quand on s'y amuse," was the answer. " Elle est insupportable" (said he, with marked emphasis, of one well known ; but as if he had gone too far, and to take off something of what he had laid on, he added)
Page 255 - suggested to M. Talleyrand. Nor ought we to pass over the only mot that ever will be recorded of Charles X., uttered on his return to France in 1814, on seeing, like our second Charles at a similar reception, that the adversaries of his family had disappeared, " II n'ya qu'un Francais de plus.
Page 270 - by others, any more than to be by others overawed ; never to be seduced or betrayed, or hurried away by his own weaknesses or self-delusions; any more than by other men's arts ; nor
Page 127 - rare, or adorned, or happy; but though plain enough, it was not pure, or more pure than the sources from which he derived it—the parliamentary debates, the official despatches, and the newspapers of the day. If, adopting the middle style, or even the humile genus dicendi, he had maintained in his language the standard
Page 194 - femme, dans sa position, veut gouverner absolument, et elle comme les autres ; je ne saurais me rappeler mille petits traits, même visà-vis de moi, qui, comme tu crois bien, ne m'en souciais guère ; mais ce qui à moi, homme tout-à-fait libre et indépendant, ne me faisait rien, choque beaucoup les enfans ; elle n'a jamais
Page 254 - most happily chosen—all this is literally correct, and no picture of fancy, but a mere abridgment and transcript of the marvellous original; and yet it all falls very short of conveying its lineaments, and fails still more to render its colouring and its shades. For there was a constant gayety of manner, which had the mirthful aspect of

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