The Balkans: Roumania, Bulgaria, Servia, and Montenegro

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T. Fisher Unwin, 1899 - Balkan Peninsula - 476 pages

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Page 353 - THEY rose to where their sovran eagle sails, They kept their faith, their freedom, on the height, Chaste, frugal, savage, arm'd by day and night Against the Turk ; whose inroad nowhere scales Their headlong passes, but his footstep fails, And red with blood the Crescent reels from fight Before their dauntless hundreds, in prone flight By thousands down the crags and thro
Page 213 - The Prince of Bulgaria shall be freely elected by the population and confirmed by the Sublime Porte, with the assent of the powers. No member of the reigning dynasties of the great European powers may be elected Prince of Bulgaria. " In case of a vacancy in the princely dignity, the election of the new prince shall take place under the same conditions and with the same forms.
Page 208 - Enough, I think, has been said to show that to Achmet Agha and his men belongs the distinction of having committed, perhaps, the most heinous crime that has stained the history of the present century, Nana Sahib alone, I should say, having rivalled their deeds.
Page 274 - Bulgaria was practically under his control, it will be seen by a glance at the map that he was master of the Balkan Peninsula from sea to sea. Here and there a few coast towns, like Salonica and Durazzo, held out against him, but the Byzantine possessions had shrunk to nothing as compared with his mighty realm. Filled with pride, the conqueror comported himself like an Eastern Emperor.
Page 201 - He also quoted some evidence in support of the view that the disease occurred at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century in Germany and more definite evidence that it occurred in Upper Italy and Hungary in 1890.

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