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Taylor & Francis., 1880 - Science
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Page 61 - Egypt: and then it happened, that through all the city, for the space almost of forty days, there were seen horsemen running in the air, in cloth of gold, and armed with lances, like a band of soldiers, and troops of horsemen in array, encountering and running one against another, with shaking of shields, and multitude of pikes, and drawing of swords, and casting of darts, and glittering of golden ornaments, and harness of all sorts.
Page 360 - ... its particles cannot be supposed as capable of interchanging places, or of bodily transfer to any measurable distance from their own special and assigned localities in the universe." * Well may Sir J. Herschel add that " this will go far to realize (in however unexpected a form) the ancient idea of a crystalline orb.
Page 274 - An increasing velocity of rotation causes the two secondary sounds to diverge yet further from the note of the beating fork, until, on reaching a certain velocity, the two secondary sounds become separated from each other by a major sixth, while at the same moment a resultant sound appears, formed by the union of the sound of the fork with the upper and lower of the secondary sounds.
Page 461 - As it is impossible to enable the reader to recognise rocks and minerals at sight by aid of verbal descriptions or figures, he will do well to obtain a well-arranged collection of specimens, such as may be procured from Mr. TENNANT (149, Strand), Teacher of Mineralogy at King's College, London.
Page 110 - ... the coils are rapidly brought to and maintained at a known temperature. Any desired temperature can be given to one coil by leading warm water from a cistern into its vessel. The annular air-filled space renders the rate of cooling very slow. Hence the coils, once at the desired temperature, can easily be kept there. Fig.
Page 31 - Hence, if cp is given by experiment, c, can be calculated from the first of these equations ; and then m + e is known from the second. The accuracy of the value of m . + e thus deduced will depend upon that of cp, and on the legitimacy of the application of the two equations to the gas or vapour under consideration.
Page 355 - This result is, however, in the present case only attained by the aid of two seta of forced relations, namely (2) and (3), that is, relations which there is nothing a priori to indicate, and which are not the expression of any simple physical idea, but are obtained by forcing the theory, which in its original state is of a highly plastic nature from the number of arbitrary constants which it contains, to agree with observation in some particulars, which being done, theory by itself makes known the...
Page 112 - The first column gives the number of experiment, the second the reading with the coils F and K in one position on the bridge, the third when F and K are reversed or have exchanged places on the balance ; and the fourth gives the difference of their resistances at 11 C. in units of the bridge-wire. II. Difference of Resistance of Coils F and K at 28'2 Cent.
Page 391 - Geology to pursuits connected with mining operations for Coal, Iron, Copper, Tin, Silver, Gold, Mercury, Antimony, Zinc, Cobalt, &c., will be specially considered.

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