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This book changed my life when I was 19 years old!
I realized how God respects agency and how by respecting peoples agency they actually progress much faster and better.
Satan wants to control us
. God wants us to be free to find who we really are!
If we give our kids that kind of freedom- they will thrive!
If we try to take it away- they will hate us and it can cause them to fail later in life.
Guide your children, pray with them and for them and answer their questions, help then when they ask for help, ask them to help you. Expect a lot from your children by asking their help at home a lot. But never force them, instead give the consequences for not doing something or take a way a privilege. Do not force them to do anything. When they want something bad enough they will ask; "what can I do to help today so I can go here or do this?"

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The best school in the world today !

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This reminds me of the books of 1970's, like Illich's "Deschooling Society"; Remmers' "The School is Dead" and of-course "Letter to aTeacher" by Barbiana School for which the "Afterward" was written by Lord Boyle, then Vice Chancellor of Leeds University.
This is a good readin on sociology of education.
Khadim Ali Hashmi

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