God's troubadour: the story of St. Francis of Assisi

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T. Y. Crowell & company, 1910 - 183 pages
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Page 65 - O world, as God has made it ! All is beauty : And knowing this, is love, and love is duty.
Page 171 - ... spiritual food of the soul, began to meditate on the ineffable glory and joy of the blessed in the life eternal; and he began to beseech God to grant him the grace of some foretaste of that joy. And while he remained thus meditating, anon an angel appeared to him with exceeding great splendour, that held a viol in his left hand and a bow in his right; and as St. Francis stood all dazed at this vision, the angel drew his bow once upwards across the viol; and straightway St. Francis heard such...
Page 93 - And he entered into the field and began to preach to the birds that were on the ground; and anon those that were on the trees flew down to hear him, and all stood still the while St.
Page 184 - Thou dost not answer. Down the track Where now I thought thy feet must pass, With patient step and burdened back Go, "Brother Ox" and "Brother Ass." A mountain cloud looms swift and black, O'ershadowing stone and grass. The silver leaves are turned to gray ; There comes no sound from hedge nor tree ; Only a voice from far away, Borne o'er the silent hills to me, Entreats : "Be light of heart to-day : To-morrow joy shall be. "The glad of heart no hope betrays, Since 'Mother Earth' and 'Sister Death'...
Page 93 - He has given to you; and moreover, you neither sow nor reap, and God feeds you, and gives you the rivers and the fountains to drink from; He gives you the mountains and the valleys for your refuge, and the tall trees for your nests, and, although you do not know how to spin 45 nor sew, God clothes you and your children.
Page 53 - Blood that died on the tree ; The Holy Supper is kept, indeed, In whatso we share with another's need ; Not what we give, but what we share, — For the gift without the giver is bare ; Who gives himself with his alms feeds three, — Himself, his hungering neighbour, and Me.
Page 181 - I will forgive him," and so saying he threw himself at the feet of the Bishop and said to him, " Behold, I am ready to make satisfaction for everything as it shall please you, for the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of His servant blessed Francis.
Page 75 - The thorn-tree had a mind to Him When into the woods He came. Out of the woods my Master went, And He was well content. Out of the woods my Master came, Content with death and shame. When death and shame would woo Him last, From under the trees they drew Him last...
Page 93 - Francis went among them and touched them with his cloak, and none of them moved. The substance of the sermon was this : " My little sisters, the birds, you are much beholden to God your Creator, and in all places you ought to praise Him, because He has given you liberty to fly about in all places, and has given you double and triple raiment. Know also, that He preserved your race in the ark of Noah that your species might not perish.

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