On the Supposed Uncertainty in Medical Science: & on the Relation Between Diseases & Their Remedial Agents...

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P. Sircar, 1903 - 125 pages
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Page 3 - I declare," says Dr. James Johnson, "my conscientious opinion, founded on long observation and reflection, that if there was not a single physician, surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, chemist, druggist, or drug on the face of the earth, there would be less sickness and less mortality than now obtains.
Page 14 - Everything promises that before long a law of true harmony will be formed out of the discordant materials which surround us ; and if we, your predecessors, have failed, to you, I trust, will belong the...
Page 108 - This Psora is the sole true and fundamental cause that produces all the other countless forms of disease, which, under the names of nervous debility, hysteria, hypochondriasis...
Page 4 - What difference of opinion; what an array of alleged facts directly at variance with each other; what contradictions; what opposite results of a like experience; what ups and downs; what glorification and degradation of the same remedy ; what confidence now — what despair anon in encountering the same disease with the very same weapons ; what horror and intolerance at one time of the very opinions and practices which, previously and subsequently, are cherished and admired!
Page 32 - Of course we cannot pretend to say positively in what way this effect is produced, but it seems almost to act by magic ; however, so long as we benefit our patients by the treatment we pursue, we have no right to condemn the principles upon which this treatment is recommended and pursued. You know that this medicine is recommended by the Homoeopathists in this affection, because it produces on the skin a fiery eruption or efflorescence, accompanied by inflammatory fever.
Page xi - On the Supposed Uncertainty in Medical Science and on the Relationship between Diseases and their Remedial Agents," at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Association in Feb. 1867. Discussion was begun and was being carried on on the subject of the address in the most sober and temperate manner imaginable, as on other subjects and at other meetings. In fact the members were behaving as befitting members of a scientific...
Page 20 - Committee is well aware of the extreme difficulty of prosecuting exact physiological enquiries in states of disease, and, above all, of the necessity of devising new modes of investigation; but, bearing in mind recent researches of an analogous nature in health, they do not doubt there are physiologists and physicians of approved ability in such researches, who would be able to devise the methods, and bring the results to a satisfactory conclusion. The Committee also venture to suggest that no experiments...
Page 103 - I could say they are occult powers, forming the chain of fluidic connection between the world and the tomb ; but I am convinced in my own mind that, placed on the limits of fluidic dynamism, our observation might cast its scrutinizing glance into the unseen world.
Page 22 - Hahnemann was undoubtedly a man of genius and a scholar, a man of indefatigable industry, of undaunted energy. In the history of medicine his name will appear in the same list with those of the greatest systematists and theorists, surpassed by few in the originality and ingenuity of his views, superior to most in having substantiated and carried out his doctrines into actual and most extensive practice.
Page 17 - In the first place, the remedy is to be tried on the healthy body without any foreign substance mixed with it...

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