On lesions of the vascular system, diseases of the rectum, and other surgical complaints

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Sydenham Society [, 1854 - 378 pages
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Page iii - On lesions of the vascular system, diseases of the rectum, and other surgical complaints , being selections from the collected edition of the clinical lectures of B Dupuytren,...
Page 312 - A sac is formed by the projection of the anterior wall of the rectum and the posterior wall of the vagina.
Page 194 - I will direct attention ; and, in the first place, I will say a few words as to the position in which the patient should be placed during the operation...
Page 218 - ... discovered the cause and the means of cure. These contractions have at different times been supposed to proceed from rheumatism, gout, external violence, fracture, or from the infection of some poisonous matter in the system. We shall soon see what little foundation there is for these assumed causes. Most of those who are thus affected, have been in the habit of using force with the palm of the hand, and of handling hard bodies, such as a hammer, an oar, or a plough.
Page 221 - ... of the fingers; the folds and wrinkles entirely disappeared, shewing clearly that the disease was not situated in the skin itself. On exposing the palmar aponeurosis, it was found stretched, retracted, and diminished in length ; from its inferior part proceeded the kind of cords which were attached to the sides of the affected finger. On endeavouring to extend the fingers, the aponeurosis became tense and crackled ; on cutting the prolongations of it, which were attached to the sides of the fingers,...
Page 227 - ... this finger ; the other an inch and a quarter below : The first in the palm of the hand, in order to make a second section of the digital prolongation, and to separate it by its base from the body of the palmar aponeurosis. These in cisions having been made, the ring finger regained its natural situation ; and a very small quantity was lost.
Page 197 - No serious symptoms," he says, " have ever followed, though the dilatation is carried to the extent of an inch or an inch and a quarter. In four or five cases lacerations have resulted, but never of sufficient magnitude to require a suture.
Page 41 - The microscopic changes are summarized as follows : Cancerous destruction of the larynx, with secondary disease of a rather large lymphatic gland at the lower part of the left side of the neck, and a cutaneous nodule on the right side near the wound. Esophagus unaffected. Inflammatory destruction of the upper portion of the windpipe and the neighboring parts. Numerous bronchiectases, with putrid contents. Near these, broncho-pneumonic suppurating gangrenous patches.
Page 226 - The following short description of the palmar fascia will show how it acts in producing these effects. The superficial portion of the fascia is derived partly from the insertion of the palmaris longus tendon, and is partly a prolongation of the anterior annular ligament of the carpus. At its commencement it is very strong, and then thins off...
Page 224 - The patient's hand being firmly fixed, I began by making a transverse incision, six lines in extent, opposite the metacarpo-phalangeal articulation of the ring finger; the bistoury first divided the skin, and afterwards the palmar fascia with a cracking noise which was distinctly heard. When the incision was completed, the ring finger was immediately liberated, and could be exteuded almost as easily as in a natural state. Wish...

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