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From start to finish, this book was nothing short of SPECTACULAR! It is longer than most science/ medicine books, but do not let that deter you. I was extremely sad when this book ended. I wanted more!
In the middle of reading this book, I made the mistake of putting this book on pause to read the more recent Pandemic by Sonia Shah. Science is obviously not the authors strong suit. It was extremely disappointing. It might fly with people who are less scientifically literate. She had more up to date info on Ebola, which might draw in a huge readership, but her book doesn't hold a candle to this book. Quammen's book is a big WOW, on every level. When I finally returned from Pandemic, I was in such a foul mood, it was detracting from my enjoyment of this book. That only lasted for a little bit. I could not help but get sucked right back into all of Quammen's case studies and histories of various outbreaks.
This book was well researched, extremely thorough, scientifically sound, well written, and entertaining as hell. His passion for his subject spilled over into every page and into me.
I do not even want to give a summary of all the wonder inside this book because he tells the story of each virus so well, anything I would relate here feels like an actual spoiler. It is a must read!

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