The Practitioner, Volume 61

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John Brigg, 1898 - Family medicine

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Page 315 - Time writes no wrinkles on thine azure brow; Such as Creation's dawn beheld thou rollest now !'
Page 530 - It was always yet the trick of our English nation, if they have a good thing, to make it too common.
Page 180 - safest intellect dedicated by its possessor to the surgical cure of mankind I have ever yet met with. He will, I firmly believe, leave an inheritance of pood done and mischief destroyed, of truth in theory and practice established, and of error in the same exposed and
Page 615 - Puerperal infection is to be avoided by limiting vaginal examinations as much as possible and cultivating external palpation. When vaginal examinations are to be made, the external genitalia should be carefully cleansed and disinfected, and the hands rendered as aseptic as if for a laparotomy. Vaginal douches are not necessary, and are probably harmful.'
Page 513 - A Practical Treatise on Sexual Disorders in the Male and Female By ROBERT W. TAYLOR, AM, MD, Clinical Professor of Venereal Diseases at the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia College), New York,
Page 180 - to his fellow-men. As an instrument for discovering truth I have never seen his perspicacity equalled. His mental eye is achromatic and admits into the judging mind a pure white light, and records an undisturbed, uncoloured image, undiminished and unenlarged in its passage, and he has the moral power, courage, and conscience to use and devote such an inestimable instrument aright.
Page 392 - is, the uterus attached to the peritoneum—only a few relapses occurred ; but, on the other hand, the patients were free from pain during pregnancy, and the labours were less tedious ; neither did they require resort to serious obstetrical operations. The uterus should therefore be suspended rather than fixed to the abdominal wall in all cases in
Page 393 - The results of Alexander's operation are so good that even when there are adhesions it might be well to adopt the procedure of freeing the adhesions by a very small median incision and then shortening the round ligaments by Alexander's method ; after which the abdomen should be closed. This could be done without adding more than half
Page 180 - than to have truth on their side, and whose personal and private worth are always better understood than expressed. It has been happily said of him that he never wastes a word, a drop of ink, or
Page 392 - and also prolapse of the uterus, ventrofixation with two buried silk stitches passing through peritoneum and fascia gives the most reliable results. Failures are unknown when the operation is performed in this way. (2) Ventrofixation should be reserved for cases in

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