Through Holland

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R. Bentley & Son, 1877 - Netherlands - 328 pages
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Page 22 - Matched with this cameleopard - his fine wit Makes such a wound, the knife is lost in it; A strain too learned for a shallow age, Too wise for selfish bigots; let his page, Which charms the chosen spirits of the time, Fold itself up for the serener clime Of years to come, and find its recompense In that just expectation.
Page 322 - \ work of the very highest merit ; its learning is exact and profound ; its narrative full of genius and skill ; its descriptions of men are admirably vivid. We wish to place 0B record our opinion that Dr. Mommsen's is by far the best history of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Commonwealth.
Page 174 - Early in February five soldiers of the burgher guard at Utrecht, being on their midnight watch, beheld in the sky above them the representation of a furious battle. The sky was extremely dark, except directly over their heads, where, for a space equal in extent to the length of the city, and in breadth to that of an ordinary chamber, two armies, in battle array, were seen advancing upon each other. The one moved rapidly up from the north-west, with banners waving, spears flashing, trumpets sounding,...
Page 328 - Written with remarkable knowledge and power. The author has done his work diligently and conscientiously. We express our sense of the value of this work. We heartily like the general spirit, and are sure that the author has bestowed upon his work a loving labour, with an earnest desire to find out the truth. To the general reader it will convey much information in a very pleasant form; to the student it will give the means of filling up the outlines of Church history with life and colour.
Page 328 - Ethelred, Plegmund, Athelm, Wulfhelm, Odo, Dunstan, Ethelgar, Siric, Elfric, Elphege, Limig, Ethelnoth, Eadsige, Robert, Stigand. VOL. II. Anglo-Norman Period, 1070-1229. — Lanfranc, Anselm, Ralph of Escures, William of Corbeuil, Theobald, Thomas a Becket, Richard the Norman, Baldwin, Reginald Fitzjocelin, Hubert Walter, Stephen Langton. VOL. III.
Page 41 - The stairs themselves were completely lighted by a large window, halfway up the flight. The prince came from the dining-room, and began leisurely to ascend. He had only reached the second stair, when a man emerged from the sunken arch, and, standing within a foot or two of him, discharged a pistol full at his heart. Three balls entered his body, one of which, passing quite through him, struck with violence against the wall beyond. The prince exclaimed in French, as he felt the wound, "O my God, have...
Page 322 - Macaulay. But his keen and rather naturally satirical genius softens in the presence of what he admires. He analyses skilfully, describes with fine pencil lines, and colours with a touch that is not too warm, and yet quite warm enough to give the hues of life.
Page 324 - The victory of Charles," says Hallam, "has immortalized his name, and may justly be reckoned among those few battles of which a contrary event would have essentially varied the drama of the world in all its subsequent scenes — with Marathon, Arbela, the Metaurus, Chalons, and Leipsic.
Page 42 - His master of the horse, Jacob van Maldere, had caught him in his arms as the fatal shot was fired. The Prince was then placed on the stairs for an instant, when he immediately began to swoon. He was...
Page 13 - HUMBERT, Envoy Extraordinary of the Swiss Confederation. From the French by Mrs. CASHEL HOEY, and Edited by WH BATES, Assist. -Secretary to the Geographical Society. Illustrated by 207 Drawings and Sketches from Photographs. In royal 410. handsomely bound, 21s.

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