William Hunter, anatomist, physician, obstetrician, (1718-1783)

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H. K. Lewis, 1901 - 75 pages
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Page 80 - LANE MEDICAL LIBRARY 300 PASTEUR DRIVE PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA 94304 Ignorance of Library's rules does not exempt violators from penalties.
Page 3 - Monday, the 1st of February, at Five in the Afternoon, Will Begin A COURSE OF ANATOMICAL LECTURES, To which will be added, the Operations of Surgery, with the Application of Bandages. By WILLIAM HUNTER, Surgeon. Gentlemen may have an Opportunity of learning the Art of Dissecting during the whole Winter Season, in the same manner as at Paris.
Page 54 - Dr. Hunter, that Scotch nightman, had the impudence t'other day to pour out at his Anatomic lecture a more outrageous Smeltiad than Smelt himself, and imputed all our disgraces and ruin to the Opposition. Burke was present, and said he had heard of Political Arithmetic, but never before of Political Anatomy...
Page 34 - Rather, it may be, over-much He shunned the common stain and smutch, From soilure of ignoble touch Too grandly free, Too loftily secure in such Cold purity. But he preserved from chance control The fortress of his 'stablisht soul ; In all things sought to see the whole ; Brooked no disguise ; And set his heart upon the goal, Not on the prize.
Page 70 - Doctor would it be practicable for Lord H. to dismiss me with any decency from the stage. I am brought there to say nothing but what is proper, but to say it and appear in a ridiculous manner.
Page 59 - To which are added, Some Papers relating to Dr. Hunter's intended Plan, for establishing a Museum in London for the Improvement of Anatomy, Surgery and Physic.
Page 49 - Hunter, in the last century, told my father that during many years every woman in a large lying-in hospital was asked before her confinement whether anything had especially affected her mind, and the answer was written down ; and it so happened that in no instance could a coincidence be detected between the woman's answer and any abnormal structure; but when she knew the nature of the structure she frequently suggested a fresh cause."2 121.
Page 53 - To account for digestion, some have made the stomach a mill ; some would have it to be a stewing-pot, and some a brewing-trough ; yet all the while one would have thought that it must have been very evident that the stomach was neither a mill, nor a stewing-pot, nor n brewing-trough, nor anything but a stomach.
Page 7 - To prove me, goddess ! clear of all design, Bid me with Pollio sup, as well as dine: There all the learn'd shall at the labour stand, And Douglas* lend his soft, obstetric hand.
Page 10 - THE STUDENT. Thus, in the person of William Hunter, all combined to make the introduction of nephew Baillie a stroke of good fortune, if we may not say luck ; and widow Baillie, shrewd woman, knew for the best. The nephew took.

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