Anarchism on Trial: Speeches of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman Before the United States District Court in the City of New York, July, 1917

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Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1917 - Anarchism - 87 pages
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Page 72 - Strike — till the last armed foe expires; Strike — for your altars and your fires; Strike — for the green graves of your sires, God — and your native land!
Page 10 - When liberty goes out of a place it is not the first to go, nor the second or third to go, It waits for all the rest to go, it is the last.
Page 95 - CIVILIZATION A contribution to the study of over-population as the cause of War and the chief obstacle to the Emancipation of Women By ADELYNE MORE With an Introduction by Arnold Bennett and Preface and Notes by William J.
Page 2 - Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman Are In prison to-night, But they have made themselves elemental forces. Like the water that climbs down the rocks, • Like the wind In the leaves, Like the gentle night that holds us, They are working on our destinies, They are forging the love of the nations.
Page 83 - High strung, like a violin string, they weep and moan for life, so relentless, so cruel, so terribly inhuman. In a desperate moment the string breaks.
Page 59 - It is the accumulated indignation against organized wrong, organized crime, organized injustice which drives the political offender to his act.
Page 17 - ... Commonwealth and the churches" and expressed the hope that she would change her opinions in order that she might become "a profitable member here among us."52 This same implication, that only conforming individuals are "profitable citizens," is to be found in the Goldman-Berkman trial, when Judge Mayer said : "The defendants have shown remarkable ability, an ability which might have been utilized for the great benefit of this country had they seen fit to employ themselves in behalf of this country...
Page 82 - ... down and grovel in abject submission to injustice and wrong? Are we to join the ignorant and brutal outcry which stigmatizes such men as monsters of wickedness, gratuitously running amuck in a harmonious and innocently peaceful society? No! We hate murder with a hatred that may seem absurdly exaggerated to apologists for Matabele massacres, to callous acquiescers in hangings and bombardments, but we decline in such cases of homicide, or attempted homicide, as those of which we are treating, to...
Page 95 - A few of the subjects which the author discusses in trenchant fashion are: The Relation Between the Sexes and Man's Inhumanity to Woman. — The Influence of Abstinence on Man's Sexual Health and Sexual Power. The Double Standard of Morality and the Effect of Continence on Each Sex. The Limitation of Offspring; the Most Important Immediate Step for the Betterment of the Human...
Page 3 - Party, Communist groups and IWW : (1) It stands for the international solidarity of the working class. This is well-illustrated by the quotations from the propaganda which we have given, and also by the words of Emma Goldman during her trial : " Tell all friends that we will not waver, that we will not compromise, and that if the worst comes we shall go to prison in the proud consciousness that we have remained faithful to the spirit of internationalism and to the solidarity of all the people of...

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