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The only problem is Dan forgets us folks who used to think just like HE does NOW, and have become full blown believers! My heroes used to be George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell and Ayn Rand, UNTIL I had a Pauline "on the road to Damascus" experience. Nobody led me to my conversion other than the Holy Spirit Himself. One minute I was an agnostic-atheist. The very next, a child of the King. Since Barker thinks he's proficient in atheistic, anti-Biblical apologetics, any evidence to the contrary, proven by either archaeology, logic or science would probably not sway him one bit. I've actually seen him debate those really in the know concerning Christian apologetics, and he has been soundly defeated and made a fool. Jesus Christ is the ONLY righteousness that will open heaven's gate for any of us someday. Dan Barker's current mindset and personal unbelief is the ONLY "unforgivable sin." Salvation is of God, NOT of man. THAT'S where Dan went wrong. We have absolutely NOTHING to do with being converted from darkness to light. HE draws us, He gives us the GIFT of repentance. Whatever he thought he was giving up or turning his back on really was NOT his in the first place. God used Baalam's ass in scripture to accomplish His will. He can use even religious looking, Christian talking, phony believers to do the same. The end of Dan's story has not yet been written. With God, ALL things are possible! And wouldn't it be just like the Father to reach the atheist jungle by genuinely touching Dan once and for all eternity!  

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