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DIANE Publishing, 1990 - Health & Fitness - 237 pages
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Provides workers in the mineral industries with basic first aid knowledge and skills that better prepare them to deal with accidents both on and off the job. Represents current recommended policies and procedures for dealing with emergencies which require first aid. Comprehensive. Drawings.

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Page 62 - ... artery in the upper arm and the femoral artery in the groin are those where pressure can be most effective. The pressure point for the brachial artery is located midway between the elbow and the armpit on the inner arm between the large muscles. To apply pressure, one hand should be round the patient's arm with the thumb on the outside of the arm and the fingers on the inside. Pressure is applied by moving the flattened fingers and the thumb towards one another. The pressure point for the femoral...
Page 63 - ... Press your fingers toward your thumb to create an inward force from opposite sides of the arm. The inward pressure holds and closes the artery by compressing it against the arm bone. Pressure Point: Open Leg Wound Apply pressure on the femoral artery by forcing the artery against the pelvic bone. The pressure point is located on the front center part of the diagonally slanted "hinge...
Page 116 - ARM TORN FROM BODY When an arm has been torn from the body at the socket, there is profuse bleeding from the larger blood vessels that are severed ; therefore treatment should be prompt.
Page 25 - To determine presence or absence of breathing, place your ear over the victim's mouth and nose; then look for the chest to rise and fall, listen for air escaping, and feel for air flow.
Page 26 - The tongue is attached to the lower jaw; moving the jaw forward lifts the tongue away from the back of the throat and opens the airway.
Page 35 - Place the heel of one hand on the lower half of the breast bone about 1 to 1 1/2 inches above the tip (xiphoid process) with fingers elevated.
Page 151 - Place the center of a cravat bandage over the front of the chin, and pass the ends around the back of the head and tie, leaving the ends long. • Place the center of a second cravat bandage under the chin, pass the ends over the cheeks to the center of the top of the head and tie, leaving the ends long. • Bring the ends of the two bandages together and tie separately (Figure 8-15).
Page 32 - If you cannot reach around the victim to give abdominal thrusts (the victim is very obese), or if a victim is in the later stages of pregnancy, give chest thrusts. Stand behind the victim. Wrap your arms under the victim's axilla (armpits) and around to the center of the chest. Make a fist with one hand and place the thumb side of the fist against the center of the sternum but well above the xiphoid process. Grab your fist with your other hand and thrust inward. g. Repeat the thrusts until the object...
Page 86 - To tie a square knot, take an end of the bandage in each hand, pass the end in the right hand over the end in the left, and tie a single knot.
Page 103 - Apply the pad of a bandage compress1 over the wound, pass the ends several times around the hand and wrist, and tie them over the pad. Cover with a triangular bandage, as follows : Place the base on the inner side of the wrist, bringing the apex down over the palm of the hand and returning it around the tips of the fingers, over the back of the hand to a point above the wrist. Cross the ends one on either side of the wrist and bring them to the forearm and tie them on the back of. the wrist. Bring...

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