The three perils of woman: or, Love, leasing, and jealousy : a series of domestic Scottish tales, Volume 991

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1823
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Page 173 - O all you host of heaven! O earth! What else? And shall I couple hell? O fie! Hold, hold, my heart, And you, my sinews, grow not instant old, But bear me stiffly up ! Remember thee? Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat In this distracted globe.
Page 176 - Because you are not merry : and 'twere as easy For you to laugh and leap and say you are merry, Because you are not sad. Now, by two-headed Janus, Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time : Some that will evermore peep through their eyes And laugh like parrots at a bag-piper, And other of such vinegar aspect That they'll not show their teeth in way of smile, Though Nestor swear the jest be laughable.
Page 172 - That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand, And with his arms outstretch'd, as he would fly, Grasps in the comer : welcome ever smiles, And farewell goes out sighing. O, let not virtue seek Remuneration for the thing it was ; For beauty, wit, High birth, vigour of bone, desert in service, Love, friendship, charity, are subjects all To envious and calumniating time.
Page 25 - ye hae just four things to learn in Edinburgh —no to learn, but to perfect yoursel in : — ye hae to learn to manage your head, your hands, your feet, and your heart. Your head will require a little redding up, baith outside and inside. It's no the bobs and the curls, the ribbons and the roseknots, the gilded kames, and the great toppings o' well-sleekit-up hair, that are to stand the test for life ; and yet these are a
Page 173 - ... fencing-master?" returned Dick. "Shakespeare a fencing master!" exclaimed the man in black, holding up both hands. "O let not genius seek remuneration for the thing it was; for beauty, wit, high birth, desert in service, love, friendship, charity, are subjects all to envious and calumniating time! One touch of nature makes the whole world kin! For thee, most noble, most enlightened lord, knight, gentleman, or be what will thy title — Praised be the parents thee existence gave! Famed be thy...
Page 30 - ... if ye see a carl that sits always with his right shoulder to you, with hair of a pale silver grey, a head like a tower, braid shoulders, and long shaggy e'e-brees — the very picture of an auld, gruff Border Baron, — that's Wattie Scott. God bless us ! when I saw him first at his grandfather's ha,' he was a bit hempy callant, wi...
Page 157 - Bickleton, before I forget, could you procure me a pup from some of your Border breeds of dogs ? — I am told that you have many curious and genuine breeds in that country. For instance, is there any remains of the little wolf-dog in your neighbourhood ?" Dick gave over eating, raised himself slowly up in...
Page 159 - ... threatening attitude without moving, fixed in the position of a dog that has taken up a dead point. All the party sat in silent alarm ; and even Joseph gave over laughing, for he perceived his savage attitude, which M'lon did not, he being sitting close beside him, and engaged in helping some of the party with his good cheer. Dick at length, seeing nobody like to take any notice of him, or to appear the least frightened, broke silence, and, in a stentorian voice, said — " I'll tell thee what...
Page 161 - I'll wolf dog them yet ! them ! the heeland pipers !" In short, he continued so surly through a part of the afternoon, and contrived to render himself so disagreeable in spite of all that could be done to please him, that at length, when the wine began to operate a little, none of the three north-country...
Page 161 - ... just as the little wolf-dog popped .in ?" " Little wolf-dog again !" exclaimed Dick ; " whispering a girl ! a slough and a pond ! and all crammed together ? Why, thou son of a gun, I suppose thou wants a neck-shaking, dis thou ?" " Nephew, I beg you will tak a wee thought where you are," said Daniel, " and no speak to gentlemen as they were your toop herds.

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