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The book itself is great, but this PDF-rendering is incomplete and confusing. One star is even one star too many. But maybe this has to do with the facsimile-editions that are avialable. I have noticed that a lot of books of which the copyrights have expired and that should be in the public domain by now, are offline when publishers claim them for facsimile editions. So maybe we should be grateful that even this incomplete version is online. 

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No stars for this digitized version which omits MANY pages (including the beginning of the text. What a mess!

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Page 906 - A table, and, half anguish'd, threw thereon A cloth of woven crimson, gold, and jet:— O for some drowsy Morphean amulet!
Page 906 - While he from forth the closet brought a heap Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd : With jellies soother than the creamy curd, And lucent syrops, tinct with cinnamon; Manna and dates, in argosy transferr'd From Fez; and spiced dainties, every one, From silken Samarcand to cedar'd Lebanon.
Page 1084 - Mostly seen under the form of white arsenic, or fly-powder, and yellow arsenic, or king's yellow. — Symptoms produced in those who have swallowed it. These vary very much, according to the form and dose in which the poison has been taken. There is faintness, depression, and sickness, with an intense burning pain in the region of the stomach, which gets worse and worse, and is increased by pressure. There is also vomiting of dark brown matter, sometimes mixed with blood ; and mostly great thirst,...
Page 906 - There, on a slope of orchard, Francis laid A damask napkin wrought with horse and hound, Brought out a dusky loaf that smelt of home, And, half-cut-down, a pasty costly-made, Where quail and pigeon, lark and leveret lay, Like fossils of the rock, with golden yolks Imbedded and injellied...
Page 906 - So saying, with dispatchful looks in haste She turns, on hospitable thoughts intent What choice to choose for delicacy best, What order, so contrived as not to mix Tastes, not well join'd, inelegant, but bring Taste after taste upheld with kindliest change...
Page 1055 - THE STANDARD GARDENING BOOKS. Gardening, Properly managed, is a source of income to thousands, and of healthful recreation to other thousands. Besides the gratification it affords...
Page 981 - To Clean Combs If it can be avoided, never wash combs, as the water often makes the teeth split, and the tortoiseshell or horn of which they are made, rough. Small brushes, manufactured purposely for cleaning combs, may be purchased at a trifling cost: with this the comb should be well brushed, and afterwards wiped with a cloth or towel.
Page 1088 - SCRATCHES. — Trifling as scratches often seem, they ought never to be neglected, but should be covered and protected, and kept clean and dry, until they have completely healed. If there is the least appearance of inflammation, no time should be lost in applying a large bread and water...
Page 230 - Put them in a stew-pan, sprinkle salt over them, with pounded mace and pepper in the above proportion; shake them well over a clear fire until the liquor flows, and keep them there until it is all dried up again; then add as much vinegar as will cover them; just let it simmer for one minute, and store it away in stone jars for use. When cold, tie down with bladder, and keep in a dry place; they will remain good for a length of time, and are generally considered excellent for flavoring stews and other...

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