A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of William Sawyer, of Newbury, Mass: Embracing Ten Generations and One Hundred and Seven Families

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W.E. Moore, 1889 - Reference - 47 pages

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Page 1 - Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, Now green in youth, now withering on the ground; Another race the following spring supplies; They fall successive, and successive rise: So generations in their course decay; So flourish these, when those are pass'd away.
Page 24 - ... that Captain Webster, in his masculine perplexity regarding his motherless family, consulted "Aunt Ruth," the wife of his brother, William, who lived on the slope of Searle's Hill. When he had explained his problem, she thought a minute and replied, "Eben, haven't you heard of Nabby Eastman ? She 'sa tailoress by trade and knows what life is. In every respect she 'sa most excellent person. She 's up from below right now, visiting her relatives here. Go home, put on your Sunday suit, and ride...
Page 7 - ... some note in the annals of Warner. Any one who has glanced over the early records of the proprietors of the town will there see on almost every page the name of Dr. Nehemiah Ordway. He was a resident of Amesbury, a graduate of Harvard college, and a physician of wide reputation in his day. The Ordway family originated from James Ordway, who was born in Wales in 1620, and, marrying Ann Emery, emigrated to America about 1648, and settled at Newbury. Dr. Nehemiah Ordway was the great-grandson of...
Page 12 - Fi1z,) descended directly from Puritan stock. Her ancestor, Robert Fitz, came over from England in 1631, only eleven years after the landing of the Pilgrims. The rights of primogeniture were taken from him by his father because he espoused the cause of the Puritans Our grandmother possessed great strength of character. She was a noble wife and mother.
Page 24 - the mountain of the Lord's house was established in the top of the mountains, and was exalted above the hills, nnd all the people flowed unto it.
Page 38 - ... of a Presbyterian clergyman, Rev. David Annan, a native of Fifeshire, Scotland. As a boy he worked in a machine shop and on his father's farm. From 1831 to 1833 he was a student in Phillips-Exeter Academy ; and he graduated at Harvard in 1837. After spending a year in Maryland as a private tutor, he studied law at the Harvard Law School and in the office of Henry II. Fuller, Esq., in Boston. In 1839 he began practice at St.
Page 12 - Sawyer was a member and an officer of the Salisbury Congregational church for many years. When at length its pastor promulgated certain religious opinions, which he deemed unsound, he withdrew from its membership and joined the Corser Hill church, in Boscawen. The cause and manner of this action is clearly set forth in the following letter of Mrs.
Page 13 - Comforter, but they did not fall upon his ears. There was a void, a vacuum, over which hovered a darkness that could be felt. He passed a sleepless night. The morning meal was left untasted. Saddling his horse, a ride of two miles and a half found him at the gate of the parsonage...
Page 14 - Christ. It was then I blessed God for the heroic steadfastness of our ancestor, Deacon Moses Sawyer, of Salisbury, NH MRS. HORACE EATON. How a man, with a fair.sized Salisbury farm as his only resource, could pay his full share of the state, county and town taxes, support in comfort...
Page 13 - The vegetables were boiled in kettles suspended on the adjustable iron hooks of a "crane." Tea and coffee were "set to draw" on little heaps of burning coals at the corner of the hearth. When their heat began to wane, the coals were renewed...

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