Five Pieces of Runic Poetry Translated from the Islandic Language

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R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-mall, 1763 - 99 pages
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Page 34 - A furious storm descended on the shields : many a lifeless body fell to the earth. It was about the time of the morning when the foe was compelled to fly in the battle. There the sword sharply bit the polished helmet. The pleasure of that day was like kissing a young widow at the highest seat of the table.
Page 28 - I had numbered twenty years, and every where acquired great renown. We conquered eight barons at the mouth of the Danube. We procured ample entertainment for the eagle in that slaughter. Bloody sweat fell in the ocean of wounds. A host of men there lost their lives.
Page 41 - ... last moments. I receive a deadly hurt from the viper. A serpent inhabits the hall of my heart. Soon shall my sons black their swords in the blood of Ella. They wax red with fury ; they burn with rage. Those gallant youths will not rest till they have avenged their father. We fought with swords. Battles fifty and one have been fought under my banners. From my early youth I learnt to dye my sword in crimson : I never yet could find a king more valiant than myself. The Gods now invite me to them....
Page 13 - Awake, Angantyr; Hervor, the only daughter of thee and Suafu, doth awaken thee. Give me, out of the tomb, the hardened sword, which the dwarfs made for Suafurlama.
Page 20 - Andgrym's fons left behind them. , HERVOR . Dwell all of you fafe in the tomb. I muft be gone, and haften hence ; for I feem to be in the midft of a place where fire burneth round about me.
Page 75 - My ship hath sailed round the isle of Sicily. Then were we all magnificent and splendid. My brown vessel, full of warriors, rapidly skimmed along the waves. Eager for the fight, I thought my sails would never slacken : And yet a Russian maid disdains me. I fought in my youth with the inhabitants of Drontheim. They had troops superior in number. Dreadful was the conflict. Young, as I was, I left their young king dead in the fight.
Page 27 - We fought with swords: * * * when in Gothland I slew an enormous serpent: my reward was the beauteous Thora. Thence I was deemed a man: they called me Lodbrog from that slaughter. * * * I thrust the monster through with my spear, with the steel productive of splendid rewards.
Page 32 - Flemings' land : the battle widely raged before king Freyr fell therein. The blue steel all reeking with blood fell on the golden mail. Many a virgin bewailed the slaughter of that morning. The beasts of prey had ample spoil. We fought with swords, before Ainglanes. There saw I thousands lie dead in the ships : we sailed to the battle for six days before the army fell. There we...
Page 18 - Thou didfl: well, thou offspring of heroes, that thou didfl fend me the fword out of the tomb; I am now better pleafed, O prince, to have it, than if I had gotten all Norway.
Page 36 - Here the sword reached betimes the heart of my son: it was Egill deprived Agnar of life. He was a youth, who never knew what it was to fear.

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