The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations

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Charles Robert McCann
Edward Elgar, Jan 1, 2003 - Business & Economics - 315 pages
'We owe the editor of this book a debt of gratitude for assembling, alphabetically by author, this entertaining collection of quotations. Moreover, it is complemented with 26 pages of references and a very useful 66-page subject index. . . This collection will save the researcher a lot of time looking for particular quotations and provide a guide to those original sources that contain more extended discussions of particular topics. Another pleasing feature is that the coverage is not just restricted to economists – scientists, politicians, philosophers, jurists and essayists are included. . . Readers of this Review will find amusement and profundity in the collected quotations assembled in this volume.' – John Lodewijks, History of Economics Review 'This is a handy book to have on one's shelf. It is at once useful, fun, interesting, and conversation-stimulating. . . It will be a "book that launched a thousand epigrams", the device used by those of us plodders who cannot think of something sufficiently witty or profound (or both) of our own with which to begin our articles and books.' – Steven G. Medema, Journal of the History of Economic Thought 'This dictionary offers expanded coverage not often seen in books of quotations. The quotation or phrase does not stand alone, rather the entries are presented within the original sentence or paragraph as appropriate to convey the full meaning of the quotation. This unique approach not only adds detail to the entries, but encourages the reader to consider the quote within a broader historical context. An extensive list of source references, useful for further research, follows the collection. The topic index includes detailed subdivisions for ease in locating particular quotes, although the reader may enjoy simply perusing the entries of favorite contributors.' – Polly D. Boruff-Jones, American Reference Books Annual 'McCann provides an interesting and useful source for quotations in economics. Unlike most quote books, entries are entire paragraphs instead of just simple phrases, giving greater context for each quotation. . . Because the book is arranged by author, it has a very detailed subject index. The bibliography of sources for the quotations makes it easy to locate more of the context for a particular quotation. Recommended. General and academic readers.' – D.G. Ernsthausen, Choice 'Charles McCann's The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations is a gold mine of great quotations. They have been judiciously chosen and should be a very significant aid to any economics professor. They are usually excellent in showing the general tenor of each economist's thinking and should be useful in teaching and (for those whose field of research is not the history of economic thought) useful in adding a more scholarly dimension to your research. I recommend the book wholeheartedly.' – E.K. Hunt, University of Utah, US 'Charles McCann's fascinating and delightful collection of quotations about the far-from-dismal science combines insight, enlightenment, entertainment, and provocation. It will provide economists with both occasions for reflection and a handy source of striking quotations to enliven their writing.' – Robert W. Dimand, Brock University, Canada 'Once, reflecting on things and our words for these things, Bishop Berkeley queried whether it would matter if we lost the monetary commodity but kept the denominations in which prices are expressed. Charles McCann considers the community of economists who know the words used to talk about economic things but have lost their context. The loss of context can be a particularly acute consideration when the word came as a weapon of attack from outside our community. A word bereft of context raises the identification problem. This marvellous collection gives context to the words used to talk about economics and economists by friend and foe alike. What we do not know can be costly; with context we can take back our past and perhaps free our future. McCann lets us begin.' – David M. Levy, George Mason University, US The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations is a unique compendium of quotations on subjects of interest to economists and those who are generally intrigued by the social sciences. The coverage is not merely confined to economists, but includes quotes from essayists, jurists, philosophers, politicians, religious leaders, revolutionaries, scientists, and numerous other important figures who have contributed to our understanding of economic matters. Presented in a highly readable format, this impressive volume contains the thoughts and opinions of hundreds of individuals on issues relating to the economy, government, money, poverty, wealth, and a host of other important topics. Complemented by an extensive list of references and comprehensive subject index, this dictionary will be an invaluable source of reference for anyone who wants to know the answer to the question, 'Who said what about that?'.

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Charles Robert McCann is a Research Associate in the Department of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

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