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Great review!

User Review  - Books with Bite - Borders

I am not surprised that I practically munched down this novel. We meet Ever who is hiding underneath her hoodie all the time. Damen comes and everything changes. This is an easy to read book.The book ... Read full review


User Review  - sweetieg4616 - Borders

My friend told me about this book, and I was never really into the whole "Immortal" thing. I thought it was pretty cheesy, actually. I decided to give the book a try, and it was the best book I've ... Read full review

Love it! cant putit down

User Review  - bookluver14 - Borders

i read Evermore a while ago and i thought it was awesome. I reread this book 5 times and the author is super nice. Also the other books in this series are good but can be a bitt boring Read full review

I really enjoyed it!!

User Review  - dancerfromsoul - Borders

It is awesome!! When I finish the book, I always stay like in suspense and I LOVE that! At first it was hard to imagine myself as the character since that's what people tend to do when they're reading ... Read full review

Best book EVER

User Review  - Booksrock - Borders

O.m.g this is the best i ever read. My cousin showed me this book and when i tried i was AMAZED! There is action and romance and a mystery to Ever's past. I know you'll LOVE it to! Make sure the next book you read is Evermore!! Read full review

I loved this series!

User Review  - Faeriesrock - Borders

I fell in love with this series! Once I started reading Evermore, I ended up flying through it and the next 2 books in the series. I seriously couldn't put these books down. I loved Ever and Damon and ... Read full review

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I love, love LOVE!!! this book. This is me being serious right now- if I could do something as my freetime, I would read this whole entire series. No joke. They really should make a movie series or a episode series of it. I am on book two, and everything is getting better and better. I really recommend that you read this book. Thanks for the book Alyson! 

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I have never liked a book so much before! This is a thrilling must read novel by my favorite author!

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This is a good book I loved it I am looking forward to reading the next book called blue moon. This book is filled with mystery, love, it also testes the straight of friendship. I recommend that you read this book.

Great Novel!

User Review  - winger2568 - Borders

I was very happy with this novel. The characters were well developed and interesting. I couldn't put it down! Read full review

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