Life Tables, founded upon the discovery of a numerical law regulating the existence of every human being: illustrated by a new theory of the causes producing health and longevity

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Page 18 - What is the interest of $ 81, for 2 years 14 days, at ^ per cent. ? • per cent. ? per cent. ? 2 per cent. ? 3 per cent. ? 4 per cent. ? 5 per cent. ? 6 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 7 per cent. ? 8 per cent.?
Page iii - The force of mortality at all ages is expressible, — by the terms of three consecutive geometric series, so connected, that the last term of one series is the first of the succeeding series; — or by the ordinates of three contiguous segments of three logarithmic curves.
Page xv - Gomjwrtz: but to arrive at this single common point, his course of investigation differs so widely from mine, that appearances will be found corresponding to the reality, — that my discovery is independent of the imperfect one of Mr. Gompertz.
Page x - The former principle is decidedly the best for indicating the relative mortality at different ages. The truth of the Northampton Table is not lightly to be called in question, when it is supported by the name of Dr. Price, although its applicability to the British population of the present day may fairly be questioned.
Page xxiii - And it is a fact too well known to be disputed that the...
Page xxix - Two years of sickness to each death appears to be the law of nature, from which little deviation is allowed, except in very unhealthy climates.
Page xii - Annuitants is not entitled to much confidence ; for the former is founded on materials avowedly defective, and the latter rests upon the authority of a person whose qualifications for the task undertaken are unknown to the public.
Page 17 - Dollar to be received at the end of any number of years from Twenty-one to Forty, discounting at the rates of 3, 3l;., 4, 41 . and S per cent. Compound Interest. To find the present value of...
Page xxix - In any population between the ages of 20 and 55, if the numbers constantly sick amount to...
Page xxix - They serve to establish the fact, that in any considerable quantity of men, placed for a given time under peculiar circumstances, there...

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