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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Affecting stories about the conflicts between Korean and American culture.Lee tends to focus on domestic relationships, the tensions—sometimes unbridgeable—between husband and wife, between parent and child. In the opening story, "A Temporary Marriage," Mrs. Shin saves money to travel from Seoul to southern California to find her daughter Yuri, who she feels has been "kidnapped" and spirited ... Read full review

Review: Drifting House

Editorial Review - - Shelby Wardlaw

In her debut fiction collection, Krys Lee writes with the confidence of an experienced observer of human behavior. Her tales of heartbreak and dissolution illustrate the effects of the last halfcentury of Korean history on the microcosm of the family structure. "DRIFTING HOUSE is essential reading for 2012 for the lover of literature and for anyone with an eye on the future of publishing." Lee is ... Read full review

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