More From The Vile File: 500 Sick Jokes

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Dwight York - 174 pages
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The shortest route from set-up to payoff is, geometrically speaking, the one-liner. And there’s no finer practitioner of this oft-overlooked art than Dwight York. One of the most prolific and masterful comics working the stage today, York is known for his combination of short witticisms (channeling a bit of Steven Wright) and quick shocks (perhaps like an over-caffeinated Doug Stanhope), a deluge of which are shared in his latest book, More from the Vile File. Whether you’re looking to crib some notes for cocktail parties or get your humor in bite-sized pieces, More from the Vile File will have you all stocked up in no time… just practice your transition from, “Wait…?” to “Oh!” to “Oh dear…,” because the mighty Dwight York one-liner waits for no man, woman, or sheep.

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 “I hope you like jokes” may seem an absurd way for a comedian to begin a show but those are the words that comedian Dwight York uses to introduce himself to his audience each night. Then the joke-slinging begins and never ends until York says “goodnight” a couple hundred perfect one-liners later.

During the first of many appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, York joked, “I was homeless for awhile. I didn’t want anyone to know so I slept in front of a Ticket Master.” It sent the morning crew howling with delight, became Tom Griswold’s “new favorite joke” and was featured on The Bob And Tom CD You Guys Rock. Since then York has been a regular guest on the show and was part of the 2005 Friends of Bob and Tom Show Concert Tour.

In August of 2009 York appeared on the main-stage at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. York will be returning again this summer for his 4th year; headlining the Buffalo Chip Comedy Club with Dwight York and Friends.

York’s CD Quickies (Stand Up! Records; 2009) can be heard on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Raw Dog Comedy Channel and was rated a “top ten comedy release of the year” by The Serious Comedy Site. Punchline Magazine says that Dwight York, as inventive as he is suggestive, is what Steven Wright would be if Wright had Robert Schimmel’s blue streak, and that’s a compliment to all three master comics.

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