Songs, Ballads, and Other Poems, Volume 1

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Page 100 - Her name is never heard, My lips are now forbid to speak That once familiar word : From sport to sport they hurry me To banish my regret: And when they win a smile from me, They think that I forget. They bid me seek in change of scene The charms that others see; But were I in a foreign land, They'd find no change in me...
Page 43 - But thou hast suffered for my sake, Whilst this relief I found, Like fearless lips that strive to take The poison from a wound ! My fond affection thou hast seen, Then judge of my regret, To think more happy thou hadst been, If we had never met. And has that thought been shared by thee ? Ah no, that smiling cheek...
Page 232 - The Mistletoe hung in the castle hall, The holly branch shone on the old oak wall ; And the baron's retainers were blithe and gay, And keeping their Christmas holiday.
Page 232 - I'm lonesome without thee, my own dear bride." They sought her that night ! and they sought her next day! And they sought her in vain when a week pass'd away ! In the highest — the lowest — the loneliest spot, Young Lovell sought wildly— but found her not. And years flew by, and their grief at last Was told as a sorrowful tale long pact ; And when Lovell appeared, the children cried, " See ! the old man weeps for his fairy bride.
Page 57 - I'm the Butterfly Beau. At first I enchant a fair Sensitive plant, Then I flirt with the Pink of perfection : Then I seek a sweet Pea, and I whisper, " For thee I have long felt a fond predilection." A Lily I kiss, and exult in my bliss, But I very soon search for a new lip ; And I pause in my flight to exclaim with delight, " Oh ! how dearly I love you, my Tulip ! " In short, you must know, I'm the Butterfly Beau. Thus...
Page 100 - OH ! no ! we never mention her, Her name is never heard ; My lips are now forbid to speak That once familiar word...
Page 234 - twas in a crowd, And I thought he would shun me ; He came ; — I could not breathe, For his eye was upon me ; He spoke, his words were cold, And his smile was unaltered ; I knew how much he felt, For his deep-toned voice faltered.
Page 164 - If happy dreams have blessed thy sleep, If startling fears have made thee weep, With holy thoughts begin the day, And ne'er, my child, forget to pray. Pray Him by whom the birds are fed, To give to thee thy daily bread : If wealth his bounty should bestow, Praise Him from whom all blessings flow If he who gave should take away, 0 ne'er, my child, forget to pray.
Page 58 - I'm the Butterfly Beau. Thus for ever I rove, and the honey of love From each delicate blossom I pilfer ; But though many I see pale and pining for me, I know none that are worth growing ill for : And though I must own, there are some that I've known, Whose external attractions are splendid ; On myself I...
Page 233 - At length an oak chest, that had long lain hid, Was found in the castle - they raised the lid And a skeleton form lay mouldering there, In the bridal wreath of that lady fair!

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