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One reviewer here suggested that this book allows people to worship "in the Saxon way". This is false. Buckland's creation, though certainly valid, beautiful and useful, has little to do with the religion of the ancient Saxons. Saxon Witchcraft, as expounded by Mr. Buckland, is simply Wicca with a Saxon veneer tacked onto it. There's nothing wrong with this of course, and those who wish to "flesh out" this tradition may do so, adding (through research) more that is authentic to it. Buckland even recommended that people do this. Some, dissatisfied with "sort of Saxon" may even go on to embrace Asatru, a reconstructed version of the religion of the ancient Norse people, which was carried to Germanic lands and England. There IS a tradition of witchcraft and magic in Asatru called galdra and seidr, but Ray Buckland's "Saxon Witchcraft" - which can be good and rewarding in its own right - isn't it. 

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