A Dictionary of the English Language: Compiled for the Use of Common Schools in the United States

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George Goodwin, 1817 - English language - 366 pages

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Page 78 - . act of creating; the universe Crea'tive, a. having the power to create Crea'tor, . the Being that bestow...
Page 317 - Therefrom', ad. from that, from this Therein', ad. in that, in this Thereinto', ad. into that, into this Thereof, ad. of that, of this Thereon , Thereupon', ad.
Page 18 - A curve line or part of a circle ; — any work in that form, or covered by an arch ;— chief ; principal — used as a prefix in compound words, as archbishop, archduke, &c.
Page 11 - Al-llt-er-a'lion, [L. litera,'] n. the beginning of two or more words with the same letter.
Page 115 - And further, when a deed is delivered to a third person to be delivered to the grantee on the grantor's death, the title passes as of the time of the first delivery.
Page 145 - Cargo. gran'-tee', n. One to whom a grant is made. grant'-or, n. One by whom a grant is made.
Page 28 - ... state of being a bastard, Baste, va to beat with a stick : — to drip butter on : — to sew slightly.
Page 260 - Rapids are that part of a river where the water is rapid over a moderate descent.
Page 230 - Par'-al-lax, n. the difference between the true and apparent place of a heavenly body.

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