A Dictionary of the English Language: Compiled for the Use of Common Schools in the United States

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George Goodwin, 1817 - English language - 366 pages
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Page 78 - . act of creating; the universe Crea'tive, a. having the power to create Crea'tor, . the Being that bestow...
Page 319 - Therefrom', ad. from that, from this Therein', ad. in that, in this Thereinto', ad. into that, into this Thereof, ad. of that, of this Thereon , Thereupon', ad.
Page 18 - A curve line or part of a circle ; — any work in that form, or covered by an arch ;— chief ; principal — used as a prefix in compound words, as archbishop, archduke, &c.
Page v - I have adopted," he continues, "a different mode of deciding doubtful questions of this sort, and by tracing out the radical words and primitive spelling, have endeavored to ascertain the real orthography. By pursuing this principle, we arrive at a point which cannot be disputed, thus gradually settling controversies and purifying our language from many corruptions introduced by ignorance or negligence, during the confusion of languages under the first Norman prince. Without recurring to the originals,...
Page 11 - Al-llt-er-a'lion, [L. litera,'] n. the beginning of two or more words with the same letter.
Page 115 - And further, when a deed is delivered to a third person to be delivered to the grantee on the grantor's death, the title passes as of the time of the first delivery.
Page 145 - Cargo. gran'-tee', n. One to whom a grant is made. grant'-or, n. One by whom a grant is made.
Page 28 - ... state of being a bastard, Baste, va to beat with a stick : — to drip butter on : — to sew slightly.
Page 260 - Rapids are that part of a river where the water is rapid over a moderate descent.
Page 230 - Par'-al-lax, n. the difference between the true and apparent place of a heavenly body.

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