The Whist Reference Book: Wherein Information is Presented Concerning the Noble Game, in All Its Aspects, After the Manner of a Cyclopedia, Dictionary, and Digest All Combined in One

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J. C. Yorston publishing Company, 1898 - Whist - 568 pages
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Page 35 - (now with God), who, next to her devotions, loved a good game of whist. She was none of your lukewarm gamesters, your half-andhalf players, who have no objection to take a hand if you want one to make up a rubber: who affirm that they have no pleasure in winning; that
Page 36 - kind' She could not bear to have her noble occupation. to which she wound up her faculties, considered in that light. It was her business. her duty, the thing she came into the world to do— and she did it. She unbent her mind afterwards over a book.
Page 278 - play before the second. If the third hand has not played, and the fourth hand plays before the second, the latter may be called upon by the third hand to play his highest or lowest card of the suit led, or, if he has none, to trump or not to trump the
Page 211 - one excepting the original offender, whose card may be called, or he, or his partner, when either of them has next the lead, may be compelled to play any suit demanded by the adversaries. 64. In no case can a player be compelled to play a card which would oblige him to revoke.
Page 208 - mistake can be corrected prior to the conclusion of the game in which it occurred, and such game is not concluded until the trump card of the following deal has been turned up. 12. If an erroneous score affecting the amount of the rubber be proved, such mistake can be rectified at any time during the rubber.
Page 213 - may require that opponent's partner to play the highest or lowest of the suit then led, or to win or lose the trick. 87. In all cases where a penalty has been incurred, the offender is bound to give reasonable time for the decision of his adversaries.
Page 53 - than any his adversaries hold of the suit, and then leads one or more other cards without waiting for his partner to play, the latter may be called upon by either adversary to take the first trick, and the other cards thus improperly played are liable
Page 307 - If any one. prior to his partner playing, calls attention in any manner to the trick, or to the score, the adversary last to play to the trick may require the offender's partner to play his highest or lowest of the suit led. or, if he has none, to trump or not to trump the trick.—
Page 213 - Should the players on both sides subject themselves to the penalty of one or more revokes, neither can win the game; each is punished at the discretion of his adversary. 82. In whatever way the penalty be enforced, under no circumstances can a player win a game by the result of
Page 36 - All people have their blind side— their superstition*: and I have heard her declare, under the rose, that hearts was her favorite suit I never in my life — and I knew

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