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Great classic!

User Review  - bigwilly60 -

This is a classic and controversial book on politics and economics written by one of the most influential economists of the last century. This is a fascinating read. Read full review

Excellent knowledge resource

User Review  - bigler81 -

Want to know how governments use FIAT paper currencies to rob citizens of their wealth and freedom Read this book then vote while you still can. Slogans like Social Justice are not new. Read full review

Deceptively long small text

User Review  - mrperlishells -

Its starts with a plan. But nobody can agree. Then we elect leaders to carry out the plan. But to carry out the plan we must sacrifice our self interest. Leaders must subvert the population to maintain power and we got a despot.Long read small text. Easy enough to understand mostly. Read full review

Great book

User Review  - thompsong89 -

Great book read it myself then bought this copy for a friend. He loved it too and learned a lot. Read full review

Relevant today

User Review  - 1285buck -

Highly recommended reading...Helps you understand whats happening in the world today... Read full review

The Road to Serfdom

User Review  - samrigel -

If you need a reason to believe in Americas Constitution this will explain why all other forms of government do not work. An awesome work! Read full review

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