A Life's Mistake Or Love's Forgiveness

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A. L. Burt Company, 1892 - Dime novels - 341 pages
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Page 200 - ... closed and it drove off with her and her .husband to the station, she fetched a long sigh. " What is it ? " asked Corey, who ought to have known better. "Oh, nothing. I don't think I shall feel strange amongst the Mexicans now." He looked at her with a puzzled smile, which grew a little graver, and then he put his arm round her and drew her closer to him. This made her cry on his shoulder. " I only meant that I should have you all to myself.
Page 253 - Westbrook, that made her gentle and womanly, nay, almost tender towards him, so that when he left her and returned to Manchester, it was with absolute confidence in her love, and with her sweet face and eyes that looked like truth itself haunting him, and with her last words, "I will do my best, my very best to make you happy
Page 194 - ... of them— were curved like its beak and had long, pointed, bird-like claws instead of nails. It floated on the grass instead of walking, and the grass seemed to wither beneath it. After one look at it Puzzle gave a screaming bray and darted into the Tower. And Jill (who was no coward, as you know) hid her face in her hands to shut out the sight of it. The others watched it for perhaps a minute, until it streamed away into the thicker trees on their right and disappeared. Then the sun came out...
Page 313 - Reproach me!' she exclaimed, looking up quickly; 'what right have you to reproach me?' " The question took me by surprise, for I certainly thought I had the best right in the world. " She put her hand to her throat as if she were choking, and said : ' If it were not for you, I should not be what I am'.
Page 271 - ... was still distinctly conscious that Nora was to arrive on the morrow, and sadly disgusted that she was to find him in this sorry plight. It was a bitter disappointment that he might not meet her at the steamer. Still, Hubert might. He sent for Hubert accordingly, and had him brought to his bedside. " I shall be all right in a day or two," he said, "but meanwhile some one must receive Nora.
Page 244 - What on earth have you been doing with yourself? You look as if you'd been on a twelve-months' racket, or half starved in a coal mine," and he knitted his shaggy brows.
Page 192 - I don't know," he said, as he took off his coat and hung it over a chair in front of the fire.
Page 39 - And as he looked he thought that, in all his life, he had never seen a more beautiful face, a more graceful and striking figure.
Page 229 - ... whose heart was breaking under the weight of her misfortunes. A slight noise made her raise her head and turn quickly round, when she saw Paul with his arms extended towards her. It would be impossible to describe Malonia's feelings at this sight. She sprang towards her saviour, took hold of his mantle as if to assure herself that she was not the victim of a new illusion j then falling on her knees in a transport of happiness and gratitude — " Oh, powerful God !•' cried she, "may thy name...
Page 321 - Then, suddenly, the blood mounted to his face, and his eyes began to flash.

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