Radium Therapy

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Mosby, 1922 - Radium - 391 pages
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Page 111 - Tlio needles mnat be left to drain in a funnel; pressed strongly between paper; dissolved in the smallest possible quantity of hot water, to which a small quantity of hydrochloric acid has been added to decompose the carbonate and cyanate of potash which adhere to them, and would reduce the salt to the platinocyanide; and the solution left to crystallize by cooling.
Page 350 - J. Radioactivity and Geology. An account of the Influence of radioactive energy on terrestrial history.
Page 226 - ... within one year following the operation. In four cases of the operable group, on account of some general contraindication to operation, radium alone was used. All of this group are living and well ; 2 for over three years and 2 for over one year. Inoperable Cases. — The total number of inoperable and inoperable recurrent cases is 199, of which 53 patients have been clinically cured, 109 markedly improved and 37 not improved. Our series includes 35 cases of originally inoperable cancer of the...
Page 36 - The kilogram, symbol kg, is the mass of a platinum/iridium cylinder kept at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures at Sevres, France. The...
Page 36 - A contains over two hundred and twenty milligrams of radium (element), and the total quantity of emanation purified per month amounts to slightly more than one curie of emanation, which is the quantity of emanation in equilibrium with one gram of radium (element). Fig. 2 represents a few of the tubes and applicators used in investigating the effects produced by the Becquerel rays on cancers. The tiny glass tubes A contain radium emanation. They fit into the steel tubes just below them, which are...
Page 119 - Since the intensity of the rays varies inversely as the square of the distance from the source, distance is an excellent safeguard.
Page 89 - ... irradiated. This response, on the part of any particular type of cell, is in fact dependent upon the kind of rays to which it is subjected; in other words, different rays give rise to quite different effects upon one and the same variety of cell ; they have in fact a 'differential' action, and a careful distinction should be made between the differential action which different rays have upon the same variety of cell, and the selective action which the same kind of radiation has upon the many...
Page 351 - Methods and Results of Radium Treatment of Uterine Hemorrhage Due to Other Causes Than Malignancy.
Page 223 - Uterine cancer continues to yield most gratifying results and the effect of radium treatment in inoperable cases is far in advance of those obtained by any other known medical or surgical methods.
Page 322 - These lesions are usually slight compared with the marked subjective symptoms, such as paraesthesia, anaesthesia of varying degree, tenderness, throbbing and even pain. The persistence of such effects is noteworthy. Various general systemic symptoms and also blood changes may be produced by exposure to radioactive substances. To avoid such local and general disturbance, special protective and preventive measures have been devised, and those engaged in routine handling of radioactive substances are...

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