Early Census Making in Massachusetts, 1643-1765: With a Reproduction of the Lost Census of 1765 (recently Found) and Documents Relating Thereto

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Charles E. Goodspeed, 1905 - Massachusetts - 104 pages
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Page 28 - America 1. What is the Situation of the Province under your Government, the nature of the Country Soil and Climate? What are the principal Rivers and Harbours? the Latitudes and Longitudes of the most considerable Places in it, Have those Latitudes and Longitudes been settled by good Observations, or only by common Computations, and from whence are the Longitudes computed? 2. What are the Boundaries?
Page 28 - ... 1. What is the Situation of the Colony under your Government, the Nature of the Country, Soil and Climate, the Latitudes and Longitudes of the most considerable places in it, or the...
Page 9 - Plantations, of the present Number of Planters and Inhabitants, Men, Women and Children, as well Masters as Servants, free and unfree, and of the Slaves in our said Province, as also a Yearly account of the Increase or Decrease of them, and how many of them are fit to bear Arms in the Militia of our said Province-.
Page 29 - What is the natural Produce of the Country Staple Commodities and Manufactures. What Value thereof in Sterling Money may you annually export, and to what places? What Regulations have been at any time made for preventing Frauds and Abuses in the Exportation of the Produce or...
Page 29 - What Trade has the Province under your Government with any foreign Plantations or any part of Europe, besides Great Britain ? How is that Trade carried on ? What Commodities do the People under your Government send to or receive from Foreign Plantations...
Page 4 - Confederaccon soever they fall, shall both in men and provisions, and all other Disbursements, be borne by all the parts of this Confederacon, in different proporcons according to their different abilitie, in manner following, namely, that the Commissioners for eich Jurisdiccon from tyme to tyme, as there shalbe occation, bring a true account and number of all the males in every Plantacon, or any way belonging to.
Page 4 - ... being inhabitants there. And that according to the different numbers which from time to time shall be found in each jurisdiction, upon a true and just account, the service of men and all charges of the...
Page 34 - ... judgments. Besides, the proposal, with so wide an application, being an unpractised one, in this meridian, was met with objections, common to novelties in political requisitions. Governor Francis Bernard, on the 2d of June, 1763, communicated the subsequent message to both Houses of our General Court. " I am directed by the Lords of Trade to take a particular account of the number of the people of this Province with all proper distinctions thereof. I am desirous to have this done with the utmost...
Page 55 - ... of exalted, being, to wit, the selfish opposition of the laboring whites, who, as their numbers increased, determined to oust their unpaid competitors. (Belknap Papers, ii, 401. See also Washburn and Moore, already cited, page 64.) As early as 1763, Governor Bernard wrote to the Lords of Trade : " The People here are very much tired of Negro Servants; and It is generally thought that it would be for the public good to difcourage their importation, if it was not at prefent very inconfideraWe.
Page 29 - Europe, besides Great Britain ? How is that Trade carried on ? What Commodities do the people under your Government send to, or receive from Foreign Plantations ? What Methods are there used to prevent Illegal Trade, and are the same Effectual ? What is the natural Produce of the Country, Staple Commodities and...

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