Peace and Quiet: A Novel

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Harper & Brothers, 1916 - 378 pages
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Page 253 - One marvels . . . not that they are dirty but that under the circumstances they are as clean as they are; not that so many of them are continually sick, but that any of them are ever well; not that they love to get drunk, but that they can bear to remain sober'.
Page 4 - I shall say nothing about it,' said Fulbert, not choosing to see the hand held out to him. ' I should be ashamed ! — May I go now, Sir ?' to Mr. Audley ; and with an odd sort of circular bow, he made his escape ; and Mr. Audley, having remained long enough to ascertain that the worst that could be said of him was that he was a cub, and that it was a terrible thing to see so many great hulking lads growing up under no control, took his leave, and presently came on the three boys again, consulting...
Page 155 - ... for Adler, if not for Freud — the masculine sense of inferiority which seeks to overcome itself by acts of prowess, both sanguinary and sexual. Despite these two sources of excitement, the story is a plaintive modulation of two rather dissonant themes : None but the brave deserves the fair and The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
Page 144 - In praise of old Nassau, my boys, Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! Her sons will give, while they shall live, Three cheers for old Nassau!
Page 2 - ... has the best roads of any Mexican seaport. Perhaps the most noteworthy feat performed by the United States military officers in the way of house-cleaning was that of cleaning the ancient and notorious fortress prison of San Juan de Ulloa, in the harbor of Vera Cruz, īt was evident that the fortress had never been cleaned in its entire history of several centuries, and the filth was indescribable.
Page 74 - When you've been in the government service as long as I have, you'll realise that questions in the House generally try to bring a department into disrepute. You know that, Neil.
Page 299 - ... trying his first case, a negligence case, in which his client, the plaintiff, was a lovely young lady. Of course, he called her as the first witness. After the young man had gotten his client's name, age, and address on the record, the court interrupted and started to ask questions. The young lawyer stood first on one foot and then on the other as the court's questioning continued. He finally sat down, and in due course the court came to the end of his questioning and said: "Counselor, you may...
Page 128 - There was a knock at the door, and without waiting for a response Senator Charlemagne Cactus effulged into the room, followed by the dapper elegance of Gen.
Page 131 - ... there is such a thing as a real friend in the world, and not only one, but two. You have heard of my necessities and you have come to relieve them.
Page 113 - There were three reasons for this, any one of which would have been sufficient in the opinion of Mr.

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