Hanuman's Tale: The Messages of a Divine Monkey

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Oxford University Press, Jan 11, 2007 - Religion - 448 pages
Hanuman, the devoted monkey helper of Rama and Sita, has long been recognized as a popular character in India's ancient Ramayana epic. But more recently he has also become one of the most beloved and worshiped gods in the Hindu pantheon - enshrined in majestic new temples, but equally present in poster art, advertising, and mass media. Drawing on Sanskrit and vernacular texts, classical iconography and modern TV serials, and extensive fieldwork and interviews, Philip Lutgendorf challenges the academic cliché of Hanuman as a "minor" or "folk" deity by exploring his complex and growing role in South Asian religion and culture. This wide-ranging study examines the historical evolution of Hanuman's worship, his close association with Shiva and goddesses, his invocation in tantric ritual, his physical immortality and enduring presence in sacred sites, and his appeal to devotees who include scholars, wrestlers, healers, politicians, and middle-class urbanites. Lutgendorf also offers a rich array of entertaining stories not previously available in English: an expanding epic cycle that he christens the "Hanumayana." Arguing that Hanuman's role as cosmic "middle man" is intimately linked to his embodiment in a charming and provocative simian form, Lutgendorf moves beyond the Indian subcontinent to interrogate the wider human fascination with anthropoid primates as boundary beings and as potent signifiers of both Self and Other.

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Before Hunuman Ramchandra should be discussed. As said he is Puruswattam, means Best male figure. He cant kept her wife secured he decided to give a test and Sita burnt to death. Now Hanuman Rama relation Ram asked to serve for Vishalakarani medicinial herbs and Hanuman failed to find by hurry he lifted Gandhamadan Hill to where? Ajodhya or some elsewhere? Hanu severd in wsr through its tail burnt Lanka and Ram wins the war. Ravana did not touch her wife as stated. Question lies here Where is Gandhamadan hill now? Soor (God) Asur evil force as Rakhhas. As Hindu Mythology said Diti was given birth pg Danavas and Anjana was Mom of Hanuman. These two party also come out from Devatas. All done Ajachar means intercourse with lesser than Human sects. these stories as completely imaginatory.like the stories of other Religion. I found Hanuman a lesser than Human. Never be as Divine at no logical period. He can stay in Zoo or in Jungle free in Nature. 

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Hanuman is respected in India all over, In Maharashtra there are 11 Maruti temples which are considered to be devine, more information is available in details on http://www.trekbook.in/2010/01/11-maruti-temples-by-saint-shri-swami.html


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Philip Lutgendorf is Professor of Hindi and Modern Indian Studies at the University of Iowa. He is the author of The Life of a Text: Performing the Ramcaritmanas of Tulsidas

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