I Pray You Chase Me 2: A Savage Love Story

Front Cover
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Mar 29, 2018 - African Americans - 220 pages
Loving yourself can be dangerous. People can feel insulted when you decide to put your needs before theirs. They may even threaten you for having the nerve to love yourself. I Pray You Chase Me 2 follows the crew's struggles to find the unknown enemy committed to destroying them simply because they choose to be happy. Lynn's past finally catches up to her. Choosing to be manipulative as a career choice, having enemies isn't a possibility, but a guarantee. Choosing to manipulate the rich and powerful only makes the consequences that much greater and dangerous. Rasheed, still skeptical of Lynn's newfound success, is even more suspicious after learning sordid details of her past jobs. If they can't find a way to handle it, their relationship could die before it has a chance to thrive. Crystal, tired of being lonely, finds the courage to date again. Her friends tell her to take her time, warn her not to rush to love again. Brushing off their advice as just being overprotective, she ignores them. What's harder to ignore are her lingering feelings for Aaron, despite the fact he's expecting a child with another woman. But eight years together is a long time and the memories won't fade away that easily. Jessica can no longer hide behind the intimidating, emotionless, front she puts on for the world. Always proud of never letting feelings cloud her judgement, it's a new struggle for her to learn to show affection for another. Grace and Jackson continue to dance around the terms of their friendship. Neither one wants to be the first to admit they want more. But when Grace realizes Jackson might have found one who would do what she didn't, the jealousy overwhelms her. What will it take for them to finally be honest with each other? For these friends, their attempt at a peaceful life has enraged someone. So much so, the enemy feels death is the only acceptable revenge. The crew must be totally honest and have complete faith in each other. Pray they make it.

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