A life's assize, Volume 2

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Page 49 - For we are strangers before Thee, and sojourners, as were all our fathers : our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding.
Page 297 - A prophet is not without honour save in his own country and among his own people.
Page 147 - Society, what that figure is, which will receive the greatest possible quantity of the sun's rays, at all times of the day, and at all seasons of the year, I do not presume that any of the members are ignorant of the solution of so simple a problem.
Page 188 - ... Lanze — what sort of woman? I received the riddle which you say Lord Cornbury wrote. I don't think there is a vast deal in it ; what fruit is it — . a pineapple ? Lady...
Page 101 - Mr. Simpkins lived at Leeds, and he had a wife beside, Who, as she wore the breeches, she often wished to ride.
Page 102 - I'll buy that beast, If you think he'll do for my wife as he did for the deceased." " I thank you, Sir," said Simpkins, " but I cannot take your pelf, Nor sell a beast that promises such profit to myself.
Page 101 - My lamb's as dead as mutton, For she cannot speak a word.
Page 178 - You are a lucky fellow, and it will do you all the good in the world, and I will come down and look you up.
Page 258 - Will you promise, if at any time or in any way I can serve you, you will not hesitate to tell me?
Page 101 - She often wished to ride. She asked him for a horse, He yielded to her folly, 'For,' says he, ' I am always mollified By you, my dearest Molly.

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