A Concise History of New Mexico

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Page 267 - State for at least six months next preceding the election, are hereby authorized to vote for and choose delegates to form a constitutional convention for said proposed State...
Page 139 - The public square is in the center of the town; on the north side of which is situated the palace (as they term it) or government house, with the quarters for guards, etc.
Page 160 - 2d. To defend our country until we spill every drop of our blood in order to obtain the victory we have in view. " 3d. Not to admit the departmental ' plan.' " 4th. Not to admit any tax. " 5th. Not to admit the disorder desired by those who are attempting to procure it. God and the nation.* " ENCAMPMENT. " Santa Cruz de la Canada, August 3d, 1837.
Page 141 - The dinner at the governor's was rather splendid, having a variety of dishes and wines of the southern provinces, and when his Excellency was a little warmed with the influence of cheering liquor he became very sociable.
Page 169 - ... felt that the federal government was overstepping its authority and showing favoritism to one branch of industry.50 Because of this opposition, similar military protection was not afforded the next year by the government ; and was only repeated on special occasions, as in 1834, when Captain Wharton's dragoons were detailed for the service, and in 1843 when a formidable army under Captain Cooke escorted two large caravans past the principal points of danger.51 Prohibitive Decree of Santa Ana:...
Page 172 - ... onerous to those with smaller vehicles, or coarse, heavy goods. As might have been anticipated, the traders soon took to conveying their merchandise only in the largest wagons, drawn by ten or twelve mules, and omitting the coarser and more weighty articles of trade. This caused the governor to return to an ad valorem system, though still without regard to the Arancel general of the nation.
Page 140 - Governor. Do you speak French ? Pike. Yes, sir. Governor. You come to reconnoiter our country, do you? Pike. I marched to reconnoiter our own. Governor. In what character are you ? Pike. In my proper character, an officer of the United States army.
Page 16 - Greenwich; thence north with said degree of longitude to the parallel of thirty-eighth degree of north latitude; thence west with said parallel to the summit of the Sierra Madre; thence south with the crest of said mountains to the thirtyseventh parallel of north latitude; thence west with said parallel to its intersection with the boundary line of the State of California; thence with said boundary line to the place of beginning...
Page 233 - An act to provide for the division of Dakota into two states and to enable the people of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington to form constitutions and state governments and to be admitted into the union on an equal footing with the original states, and to make donations of public lands to such states...
Page 146 - The government of New Mexico may be termed military, in the pure sense of the word; for although they have their alcaldes, or inferior officers, their judgments are subject to a reversion by the military commandants of districts. The whole male population are subject to military duty, without pay or emolument, and are obliged to find their own horses, arms, -and provisions.

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