David Zeisberger and His Brown Brethren

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Special Moravian publication fund committee, 1897 - Frontier and pioneer life - 64 pages

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Page 22 - We will honor father and mother, and when they grow old and needy we will do for them what we can.
Page 22 - We will know no other God but the one only true God, who made us and all creatures, and came into this world in order to save sinners; to Him alone we will pray. II. We will rest from work on the Lord's day, and attend public service.
Page 30 - Nowhere is a place to be found to which we can retire with our Indians and be secure. The world is already too narrow. From the white people, or socalled Christians, we can hope for no protection, and among heathen nations also we have no friends left, such outlaws are we.
Page 22 - A man shall have but one wife - shall love her and provide for her and his children. A woman shall have but one husband, be obedient to him, care for her children, and be cleanly in all things.
Page 19 - You are right; I have joined the Brethren. Where they go, I will go; where they lodge, I will lodge. Nothing shall separate me from them. Their people shall be my people, and their God my...
Page 23 - A woman shall have but one husband, be obedient to him, care for her children, and be cleanly in all things. XIII. We will not admit rum or any other intoxicating liquor into our towns. If strangers or traders bring intoxicating liquor, the helpers shall take it from them and not restore it until the owners are ready to leave the place.
Page 21 - Liberty is given the Christian religion, which the Council advises the entire nation to adopt. The Christian Indians are on an entire equality with the Delawares, all constituting together one nation. Christian Indians have like property rights in the nation's lands with the rest of the nation. Only converts may settle near the towns of the Christian Indians.
Page 43 - Nov., 1808, aged 87 years, 7 months and 6 days. This faithful servant of the Lord labored among the Moravian Indians, as a missionary, during the last sixty years of his life.
Page 41 - walking according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience :
Page 39 - He would never consent to have his name put down on a salary-list, or become a 'hireling', as he termed it : saying, that although a salary might be both agreeable and proper for some missionaries, yet in his case it would be the contrary. He had devoted himself to the service of the Lord among the heathen without any view of a reward, other than such as his Lord and Master might deign to bestow upon him".

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